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Bad Fiction Contest!


All of the Toast Point contest were closed down in 1999. Thanks so much for all who contributed their twisted efforts! The archives will remain available for as long as possible.

Contest Entries

Novels of Length

The novels of length all began as simple entries in the contest, but were continued by another writer or two. The participating authors then alternated chapters.
Rosalinda's Rising Passions and Run-On Raptures by B. Mushkeau and Flaneur le Beau
A phenomenal romance consisting entirely of paragraph-long run-on sentences.

The Case of the Sinister Stranger - a Parkey Twins(tm) mystery by Carolyn Creeme and Agnes Crispy
Those curly-locked identical twins, Patsy and Pansy Parkey, prove once again that "mystery's their thing".

A Christmas Curl by Charlotte Dickey, Chuck Dixon and Carl Diggins
A poignant Christmas novel that will tug at your heartstrings and put a gorgeous flip in your hair!

Peak of Passion, Pinnacle of Desire by Paisley Harristweed and Velveeta Perrone
The romantic, yet suspense-filled tale of Widow's Peak, West Virginia, filled with passion, intrigue and unmitigated sexual desire! Warning, lotsa graphics!
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

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