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Toast Point Haiku Contest
Ninety-Five to Ninety-Nine
Hope you enjoyed it!

For four years, the Toast Point Haiku Contest kept many people (especially Toast Point) entertained and occupied. Eventually, other responsibilities made it impossible to keep the contest going. But four years is a good run and we all had a good time. The archives will continue to be available unless some compelling reason appears to take them down.
Here you can peruse
The final contest entries
Carpet of purple
Neighbor's flowering bush
Spring delights of May

Finally, April!
Although I really had hoped
It would be warmer.

In like a lion...
Sigh, not that cliche again...
Let us slog through March

February's chill
Your other options are few...
Be my valentine?

Holidays over
Wind up the millenium
Plow through January

Remember last year?
The Toast Point Haiku Contest
Ninety-Eight Archives

Or the year before?
The Toast Point Haiku Contest
Nine-Seven Archives

Search your memories.
The Toast Point Haiku Contest
Ninety-Six Archives

Or dark origins
Of this old Haiku Contest
Ninety-Five Archives

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