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Entries from January, 1999

W. John (Allen) writes 01/30/99


In a billion stars
Are we all alone ask those
of Galapagos

Joyna writes 01/30/99

I have never known
So why should I find out now?
I will only die

Pat Grantt writes 01/30/99

Desolate the moor
where, outside my solitude,
wild things sometimes die.

Gold Star! Blackbirds pace the fence
while their yellowed eyes pursue
seeds of discontent.

The poet comments, "For the two neighbourhood gossips who cornered me last week."

Flickers in the frost
To the music of starlight -
Phantoms of the dance.

And from nighttime prayers
Through the whispers of a child
They begin their flight.

Stuart Reed writes 01/30/99

Distant shotgun kills
A pheasant. Hunter gets a
Present of feathers.

A rapid tattoo
Signals the arrival of
Woody Woodpecker.

Litter on the lawn.
Passers-by think that someone
Ought to pick it up.

Heated argument
Early in the morning. A
Marriage breaking up.

Satellite dish on
Every second roof. Inner
Space from outer space.

Pomegranate tree,
Home to two humming birds. It's
A family tree.

Small, black, ugly pug
Comes to visit Bubbles. She's
Asking for trouble.

The poet comments, "Bubbles is the name of my dog, so called because she dreams of being a gangster's moll."

Pristine clean winter
Morning nonetheless teems with
The litter of life.

Rainbows writes 01/29/99

Rainbows in the sky,
Colors shining down on me,
In this field of dreams.

The poet comments, "hope you enjoy!"

Stuart Reed writes 01/29/99

"Golden Slumbers" hummed
The Beatles. This is the church
And here's the steeple.

A guard of honour
Feels to the couple like one
More gauntlet to run.

Exact existence,
A product of persistence,
Terminates in death.

Time marches sideways,
Always moving on, never
Going anywhere.

A brand new bracket
Adorns the wall. Iron for
A hanging basket.

Itchy and Scratchy
Are violent versions of
Thomas and Jerry.

To come home to warmth
On a winter's night is a
Tropical delight.

Wading Wellingtons
Squelch in mud, protect feet from
Blood-sucking leeches.

Winged Mercury had
Feathers on his ankles and
A hero's halo.

Blessed are the bored
For they shall inherit the
Love of peace award.

Standing ovation.
Sitting duck. Grin and bear it.
Curse your fucking luck.

Danger's lurking in
The thinking hurtling through the
Circles of your mind.

Drack von Falco writes 01/29/99

on the Open road
the Highway littered like leaves
Speed-traps, Everywhere

Vid Vukasovic writes 01/29/99

In the snow field
a lonely raven - the only
disturbance of whiteness.

Mihajlo Mika Pavlovic writes 01/29/99

The garden of new scents:
dubious gamble flower
of the old bees hope.

The poet comments, "The title of this poem is "The Old Bees Hope""

Breath of hungry ants
by dry grass of oblivion
at earth - the sky bottom.

The poet comments, "The title of this poem is "Breath of Hungry Ants""

By lime -tree branches
wind dissipates colours
of the late spring.

The poet comments, "The title of this poem is "Second Spring""

In the crow’s eye
from chance meeting field,
mud and some smoke.

The poet comments, "The title of this poem is "To the End""

Jaded writes 01/28/99

Withering flower
Shys away from prying eyes
The bee can't come in

Laura Dadd writes 01/28/99

Memoir exposeure
My life on parade for all
Most can't understand

Blind Dog Moss writes 01/28/99

Dancing in flowers
toenails scrape earth's face
a warm wind tonight

River like black glass
clouds hugging the warm air
seagull swoops again

Tenderstorm writes 01/28/99

Gold Star! a feathered rocket
exploding from a meadow
bursting into song

Inkstone Photowriter writes 01/28/99

a good hand, good eye,
rock to rock, paint-hole mountains
with brushes well wound.

The poet comments, "copyright B. Buettner 1/99"

Haikusmith writes 01/28/99

silk sky, cotton clouds
memories fly to canvas
I awake from dream

memory's longings
old script ruins fresh moments
new kid on the block

Lynn writes 01/27/99

Gold Star! Blue porcelain dish
warm with fresh gingerbread men
near frosty windows

Joyna Heinz writes 01/27/99

In your memory
all the changes in the world
are never erased

Yvonne Cabalona writes 01/27/99

Gold Star! even in Winter,
bare limbs of the willow

in the distance,
a train whistles its way
through a sleeping town

lining antenna
improving reception
neckless pigeons

Inkstone Photowriter writes 01/26/99

crooked spine hunchback,
there under the masking cloth,
a photo not eyed.

The poet comments, "photographers haiku copyright B. Buettner 1999"

seized day, gabardine;
scant honest act to conceal,
winds efface cloaked time.

The poet comments, "written while reading "The Tempest" copyright B. Buettner 1999"

fat indica leaves
piquant brain-skunk smell, perhaps
undulating we.

The poet comments, "favor'd haiku copyright B. Buettner 1996"

Stuart Reed writes 01/26/99

Doctors of despair,
Hold me tight while I seek for
Doses of delight.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Spandex. Like Rolex.'"

Manicured fingers,
Plucking at catgut, strike a
Chord, strike up the band.

Rhythm and booze. Mind
In a rut. Nothing to choose
Between creeps and sluts.

Dressed to the nines. Cats
And dogs do the Friday night
Deodorant strut.

It's the mating game,
A dating game rating's war.
The aim is to score.

Nine times out of ten
Been there, done that, wouldn't want
To go there again.

Once in a blue moon,
June, spoon, everything sounds like
A rocking new tune.

Over the hills and
Far away, the Pied Piper
Persuasively plays.

In for a penny.
Listen to the hearts of the
Hopeful lovelorn pound.

A token gesture.
A stylish lecher lights a
Lady's cigarette.

Keeper Johnny writes 01/26/99

certainty finds you
rubbing a divining stone
cannot change outcome

Cam writes 01/26/99

Blind old bitch dog deaf
Crosses through heavy traffic
Heartbreak Miracled

Hemahead writes 01/25/99

Japanese Flowers
are pretty neat and so sweet
So import em' now!

Gloria Dindyal writes 01/25/99

Gold Star! Glistening dewdrops
Resting easy, lacing lawns
Spring is upon us

R. Nandkumar. writes 01/25/99

On a sweaty
summer night
A sudden cool breeze.

The poet comments, "This is my first haiku poem.I'm thankful to this web site hosters for letting me share my haikus and read others."

On a power-cut night
Only the sound of

The poet comments, "This is another one of my several haikus.Thanks again."

Tenderstorm writes 01/24/99

Yes, I am intrigued
Oh Yvonne Cabalona
Please answer my poem

The poet comments, "This is for one of your regular contributors, Yvonne Cabalona."

Courting via haiku! How interesting!

Loisseau writes 01/24/99

Shards of winter cut
your cheeks. Season kisses from
your northern lover.

The poet comments, "For Roberta Taussig, my first commenter."

Julz writes 01/23/99

Dazzling Tempest"

A flash of lightning
Deafening roar of thunder
The beauty of storms

Old Pajamas writes 01/23/99

two trains screeching by
two men exchanging glances...
one full, one empty.

The poet comments, "hi, for what it's worth i recently mailed two haiku leaving out my nom de plume...'professor backwards' and 'alive! it's alive!'. thanks. "

Hmmm, they haven't shown up here...

Stuart Reed writes 01/22/99

How boring we are,
Insisting on making love
To a formula.

The poet comments, "These are haiku written whilst milking cows and are called 'Intransigent'"

I'm intransigent,
Determined to always fly
Off at a tangent.

Complicated, married life
Is overrated.

Lacking the substance
For substance abuse is a
Creative excuse.

Locking horns with pawns
Is not a king's job. How are
The mighty fallen.

Dallying scholars
See term time expand to the
Point of no return.

Imminent chaos
Circles like vultures chasing
Ominous futures.

Findings establish footholds
In current thinking.

Where did the yellow
Go? Under the bridges and
Over the rainbow.

Timed to perfection
Every roaming pathway has
One destination.

The poet comments, "It's a pun on 'All roads lead to Rome.'"

Damurian writes 01/22/99

Gold Star! An oceanside hill
Lined with decidious trees-
Who will rake the leaves?

The poet comments, "So hard to reach the unifying moment with nature in front of a computer screen; I had to use an older piece."

Tenderstorm writes 01/21/99

Gold Star! the current is strong
and yet the little fish swims
gallantly upstream

Anonymous writes 01/21/99

looking out I see
mountains, valleys, and oceans
it looks wonderful

Yvonne Cabalona writes 01/21/99

even in winter
in a slant of sunlight,
the dandelion

as sunset fades,
its orange flickers in the
bonfire's embers

Gold Star! kissing the maple
here and there,

Ed Shustack writes 01/19/99

Package from Heaven
Handiwork of the Master
Gift for Mom and Dad

Iye Matsu-san writes 01/19/99

Gold Star! Far from this small hut
Snow, falling deep on mountains.
My small creek shivers.

Loisseau writes 01/19/99

Six keys away, shy
tilde waits. A keyboard dona
in ampersand dreams.

Gold Star! Ah Viagra, sweet drug!
Tumescence, phoenix from ashes.
Trojans rejoicing.

Harlequin romance.
Cut muscles, moist blondes, empty
love on printed pages.

Chris writes 01/19/99

fat angry midget
waits in the leaves to test me
with his golden tongue

I stand up and walk
Nothing seems right in this place
I smell death coming

red mutant midget
dancing in the morning sun
polishes my skull

Yvonne Cabalona writes 01/19/99

watching him listen to them
with his eyes

Drack von Falco writes 01/19/99

Want faster access?
Virtual memory, wow!
Real big RAM disk, now!

Dancer writes 01/18/99

Fogged-up window pane
Crystalline icicles hang
From the eaves, melting

Roberta Taussig writes 01/18/99

Gold Star! Rain on car windows
Flame-shaped water furies dance
To the wind's music

Bill "Ugli Coyote" Davis writes 01/17/99

bass thumps loudly by
low-riders roll on asphalt
summer night-dreams play

The poet comments, "I have my own haiku page where your readers could submit their work,too."

Gold Star! cut any old way,
seventeen limits poet's

The poet comments, "peace"

canoe rocks gently
silver fish dart through water
I sigh, contentment

The poet comments, "I love haiku...Ugli Coyote"

T writes 01/17/99

setting down the dogs' bowls at dawn;
at my hem and bare ankles
new snow

The poet comments, "again, an unusual format but haiku nonetheless! "

Segals writes 01/16/99

haiku unnerves us.
frogs drinking wine disturb us.
orange universe.

T writes 01/16/99

sick in bed
he suddenly jumps up
runs downstairs to write a haiku

The poet comments, "I'm not a 5-7-5 conformist but i hope you'll still consider my haiku "

Gold Star! wind and pines and chimes
melting ice dripping
the cat purring in my lap

in her milky gown
mist and shadow under sun
the forest delicate

Stuart Reed writes 01/15/99

Cock up a doodle.
He runs a tight ship. He is
Feudal and frugal.

So what's your story?
Half-witted particulars
Not hunky dory?

A badge of honour
Worn on your epaulettes? A
Chip on your shoulder.

Pitch black, ditch dark, ball
Park figure, looming large in
A trivia quiz.

I am the walrus
Watching the time bomb of your
Will to self-destruct.

Inner energy,
Batteries not included,
Burns an effigy.

A dime a dozen.
A distant cousin left us
A pretty penny.

Whiskey in the jar.
Red hot Russian tea in the
Czarist samovar.

Phone is off the hook,
So with any luck, we won't
Be coming unstuck.

The poet comments, "If the milk reaches nine degrees centigrade, the cowshed phone goes dead. I kid you not."

Tolerant tutors
Don't abuse either us or
Their authority.

Nicole Valentine writes 01/15/99

A still quiet pond.
A lily opens its petals.
Silence comes with night.

Yvonne Cabalona writes 01/15/99

Gold Star! supplicants:
skeletal gingkos reaching
for the sun

Purple Pride writes 01/15/99

Yo Yo feel the flow
The spirit and of the wrath
Falcons take a bath

The poet comments,
"Flow of Victory
Minnesota Vikings wrath
Dome being the bath "

PattyP writes 01/14/99

A single teardrop
fell on the newly dug grave
of her dead husband

Stuart Reed writes 01/14/99

Most of existence
Is better at a distance.
Take love for instance.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Half Of Europe'"

What I have in mind
Is how love is best defined
By a broken heart.

Having more than your
Share of problems and despair?
Spare a thought for Cher.

Chronic monologues
Clogging up your synapses?
Reach for the remote.

Crackerjack pundits
Nibbling at your neuroses?
Send them explosives.

Cataclysmic blasts
Atomizing estuaries?
Shoot all the sentries.

Sanitary pads
Being sold to you in ads?
Salute the red flag.

General alert?
World War Three on the radar
Screen? Don a hair shirt.

A cast of thousands
Chewing up the scenery?
Shoot Charlton Heston.

Bad luck and trouble
Your only friend? Are the Blues
A means to an end?

Anonymous writes 01/14/99

a speed limit sign
in the middle of a forest says...
don't exceed 10mph

Tim Wee writes 01/14/99

Tim taking a wee
standing next to me
lifting his right knee

The poet comments, "there are real deap felling in this poem its just bacause I hadf to think of somthing for school "

Kaili J. writes 01/14/99

A trail hardened by footprints
curves around school
trees sway in wind.

The poet comments, "This is a trail that leads behind my school that caught my attention one day. "

CC writes 01/14/99

bland gray sky
moist rain
a day in Sitka

Tree writes 01/14/99

no color
the lone tree
sits by the bank

Tybone writes 01/14/99

I look at the discolored
block in the cold parking lot.
it sparkles in the dim light.

Chartier writes 01/14/99

a chain of life
the bark on the tree
the moss on the roots

Tyler Orbison writes 01/14/99

The bleak grey sky
Stretches on to the horizon
rain spatters against the pavement

Ender Derkin writes 01/14/99

Rain drops fall on
a barren world, melt the snow
bring forth life

Roman C. Judy writes 01/14/99

Sky parallels ground
Light pillars tower over trees
Shed light onto cars

Sheena Vaughn writes 01/14/99

The light of the sun
The light that broke through darkness
the sun warms the earth

Alone in a world so big
Darkness with no hope of light
you will never feel love

Candice Reid writes 01/14/99

Trees high as the sky
green beautiful and hopeful
white covers the top

Daniella writes 01/14/99

fuzzy wuzzys sighs
smiles on the lips,hugs on the hips
a boyfriend near by...

The poet comments, "hugs are better than drugs

Guy Simmons writes 01/14/99


Army Down Below
Trying to stop me
Time to Kill

William Warden writes 01/14/99

so much depends upon
a one-legged cat, trying to bury turds
on a frozen lake

The poet comments, "this poem was easy and effortless. poetry is dumb"

Gaven writes 01/14/99

green wet and white,
the top snowcapped in snow
the bottom wet and rainy

The poet comments, "It's a haiku describing a mountain in my area called Gaven Hill."

Brian Hames writes 01/14/99

Dusted with white snow
engulfed in thick clouds and fog
cold and damp and dark

Brian Vincent writes 01/14/99

A face of a poem
Voice that cries of music
A touch like satin

Oh Susanna writes 01/14/99

The sun drifts away
with it my heart goes also
how could she leave me

Yvonne Cabalona writes 01/13/99

mid-Winter and
thoughts already turning to
almond blossoms

Drack von Falco writes 01/13/99

top down, ice forming
convertible sure is fun
cannot find my gloves

Amanda writes 01/12/99

Gold Star! Just so we will not
part on truly awful terms
you stop by my house

The poet comments, "This haiku is about a guy named Shawne"

Paul T. Conneally writes 01/12/99

They fought toe to toe
Alhough winter's chill bit hard
They felt only heat.

Drack von Falco writes 01/12/99

the season is done
children playing in the surf
water chills my flesh

The poet comments, "a remembrance of a picnic on the coast ..."

Sketchley writes 01/12/99

all around his bed
the grandchildren laughed and danced
to his accordion

Roberta Taussig writes 01/12/99

Gold Star! Rain on still water
Perfect circles expanding
Into everything

Ed Shustack writes 01/12/99

Major League Franchises
With Minor League Management
Today's School Systems

Facts versus fiction
Interpretation decides
Guilt or innocence

Haikusmith writes 01/12/99

haikus like apples
extra care brings sweet rewards
beneath winter snows

history's wisdom
in Mayan ruins
writ upon stelli

winter-touched trail
of craggy rock, trees like stick forms
sky is closing in

I found the moment
uniformly black and white
coloring edges

Gold Star! stare at monitor
blank but anticipating
waiting for next line

Paul T. Conneally writes 01/11/99

A marmalade trace
In the midsummer morning

The poet comments, "Loughbrohemia (luffbrohemia) is an art related ideal town - how loughborough (england) would be if it was parfect!"

Caitlin writes 01/11/99

Jesus is God's son
He was born on Christmas day
in Jerusalem

The poet comments, "I am 11 yrs old and this is my first attempt at Haiku."

it's snowing again
what a beautiful picture
a very white picture

Drack von Falco writes 01/13/99

The poet comments, "In the process of posting a recently submitted poem, a few words were changed, so that my original intent was altered. Could you repost the poem as originally submitted. Here it is, play on words intended. Thanks!

Winter! char cold grill
Skillet sizzle sear my meat
Diner smell, lets eat.

Toast Point apologizes for meddling.

N. Wilcox writes 01/10/99

time walks eternal
follows sky's ceaseless marching
has patience for none

Kent Fielding writes 01/10/99

Alone on mountain
Snow melts, water flows like sky
The wolf's eye opens.

The poet comments, "This poem is about mediating on Mt. Pawnee in Boulder during early summer."

Stuart Reed writes 01/10/99

At some stage you must
Put your trust in the workings
Of your unknown brain.

The poet comments, "These are haiku written whilst milking cows, with the radio playing softly."

Praise was showered on
The haunting cornet of the
Young Bix Beiderbecke.

Kismet and karma
Are permanent players in
The human drama.

The poet wants to
Think every thought only once.
Unlike elephants.

Is your mind finely
Attuned to the much maligned
Easy listening?

Times without number
One has heard Cindy Lauper
Sing 'Time After Time.'

Memories of Miles
Float down the aisles like a bride
With long train running.

At the cutting edge,
Every thought will be sharper
Than an archer's quill.

Gold Star! An oblique sense of
Humour will only serve to
Further confuse her.

"Charmed, I'm sure. At least
At last I know the score. Which
I didn't before."

The foreseeable
Future will leave few of us
Any the wiser.

Chantal writes 01/10/99

Looking to the dark
Finding meaning in the night
Emboding all

The poet comments, "I am 13 years old. I really love to write poetry. I have just begun to experiment with haiku"

Lauralee Johnston writes 01/08/99

Taken from this world.
Held in death's strangling arms.
Being left alone.

Choked by death's cold hand.
Gasping your last breath of life.
Gone! Your life is over.

Death, a dark shadow.
Bringing questions and sadness.
Why does it haunt us?

Nature writes 01/08/99

The wind Blows very softly.
Then you say life is full of happiness.
You see nature then you ask yourself one question. When am I going to wake up?

The poet comments, "I wrote this when I was 11 years old. Now I'm 18."

Willow writes 01/08/99

Sunflowers in snow
Papers sitting on my desk
I make a hard choice.

Lotus writes 01/08/99

my bonsai dying
alone in a room too hot
eight years end like this

Stuart Reed writes 01/07/99

Working man, smelling
Of steel, a factory hand
Breaking on the wheel.

The poet comments, "These are called 'A Chain Factory' and are imaginary haiku written by my father whilst walking home from work, sometime in the sixties."

This is why we fought
Them in the trenches. We now
Wield British wrenches.

Beneath the bridges,
Puddles of oily water
Escape drying winds.

Turtle-neck sweaters
On today's polished youngsters
Mock my blue collar.

England is swinging.
Not like a cadaver but
With joie de vivre.

The chip shop is run
By a Greek. Would I go and
Sell olives in Greece?

Women in saris,
Smelling of ghee. They avert
Their doe eyes from me.

I fought for the right
To be free to end up in
A chain factory.

Willow writes 01/07/99

Christmas ornaments
slowly unwrapped to decay
season gone away.

The softly glowing
midnight moon stains the thin leaves
swaying in the breeze.

The creaking swing moves
whispered weeping in the wind
watch as dreams dissolve.

Yvonne Cabalona writes 01/07/99

from Winter's tree
Spring awaits its turn
--- abandoned swing

winter grips returned
employment applications;
they are cold, too!!

Rohnnda Sayri Benavente writes 01/07/99

Gold Star! Sunflower's petals
one by one begin to fall
love me, love me not

The poet comments, "thank you for your consideration. This is a new form for me. I hope you like it. Sincerely, Rohnnda"

Butterfly flutters
silently, caressing my
lips. Butterfly's kiss

Lotus writes 01/06/99

television screens
mirroring the world we know
show us knowing all

january snow
memories of years gone by
rain and warm winds blow

Mark 'n' Marie write 1/5/99

Gold Star! at Epiphany
Rejoice; so thankful at last
to take down the tree

Gold Star! I liked all the gifts
That my true love gave to me
Except those damn birds

Gold Star! The three kings gave us
Gold and frankincense and myrrh;
What about diapers?

According to a Christmas card that Wumpus and Toast Point got, the three wise women came later, bringing the diapers, rattles and carseat.

Veronica writes 01/05/99

Need to surf the world
Internet, oh internet
Click here to receive

Kristin Waller writes 01/05/99

The lone king surveys
His vanquished, vanishing realm--
Africa's pride lost.

Gold Star! Lonely gray eyes search--
Slate skipping across a sea
Of soulless faces.

A perfect portrait
Of dew-kissed delicacy
In the single rose.

Sunset gilded pools
Of clear, Caribbean blue
Reflect back my love.

Yvonne Cabalona writes 01/05/99

weak through the fog
first sun
of the New Year

J.S. Bradley writes 01/04/99

Stepping away from
a flowing winter river
silence brings remorse

breath and mind are one
flowing like a water-wheel
peace and strength combine

Candice Pennefather writes 01/03/99

I've seen it all
I've dreamt that dream before
I still don't believe

Dymitr Mozdyniewicz writes 01/03/99

Tickle on the neck.
I gently touched- in my hand,
Little spider- dead.

Time wields a broadsword.
The sharp edge is the setting
To bump into bliss.

Gold Star! Charming the seconds,
Committed my days, years,
I walk the circle.

Anamika Patwa writes 01/02/99

Gold Star! love is butterflies
emerging from their cocoons
in silent beauty

furry ugliness
hides away, then emerges
in winged pureness

eyes infused on wings
delicate, paper-thin hearts
broken with one touch

Linda Bratton writes 01/02/99

Gold Star! Tiny raindrops dance
on concrete stages aware
the sun performs next

The poet comments, "Well, I like it... it breaks rules left and left.. but.... "

Stuart Reed writes 01/01/99

Scudding clouds across
A silver moon. All we lack
Is a witch's broom.

If only what took
Place were as plain as the nose
On a Roman face.

Gold Star! In a state of grace
Every seed would get to plead
Its genetic case.

The human bond to
Communicative power
Is both sweet and sour.

As anyone can
Tell you, just because one can,
Not anyone can.

Most of us are sealed
Against good vibrations in
Our energy field.

Philosophers stress -
The best way to suffer is
To seek happiness.

Funny. We've turned our
World into a greenhouse and
This will kill us all.

Scudding clouds across
A silver moon. We sure don't
Lack a sense of doom.

Sing your song. Give me
Some small understanding of
Where you're coming from.

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