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Entries from February, 1999

Inkstone Foam writes 02/28/99

Gold Star! winter northern lights
ribbons curls faint-neck sheet rains
dressing gown unfurls

lone crag wanderer
cobbled bouldered rubbled hills
stately empire pine

ringing dinner bell
playground laughter peals and dies
cooked kettle of fish

eyed defying death
in keen edges blade sharp tips
wild purple iris

eagle feather
spent carcass among rocks
diner's tip

vacancy insects!
pear blossum cul-de-sac bare
god damn el nino!

The poet comments, "all copyright B. Buettner 1999"

Jenna writes 02/28/99

Alone, I miss you.
I need you most when you're gone.
Your sweet company.

Joyna writes 02/28/99

the hot hazy, sun
blazes down on the island
which I am trapped on.

when the wind is quiet
and the birds begon to chirp
then spring has been born

Gold Star! On one summer's eve
you told me of love that strayed
..and that broke my heart

immense word with little meant...
in this world today.

Pat Grantt writes 02/28/99

Basho's ancient frog
Leapt into captured waters
Freeing liquid souls.

Annie writes 02/28/99

Crystal Imagery
Inhale Summer's Sin Sweet Air
Perfection Destroyed

The poet comments, "Love the site! You are the greatest!!!"

Inkstone Foam writes 02/27/99

stiff flavored water
vision canker pillared whine
Li Po dying drunk

thirstless driven dune
sightless camel jewelled rich
salted shadow eye

slim leg of knowledge
meated round surround drawn ground
breaking weight bare bone

Duchamp plays at chess
one thirty one thirty one
thirty two moves nude

The poet comments, "copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

haikuPUNteur writes 02/27/99

Gold Star! In old Hungary
vampires are considered as
nothing budapest

if paprika comes
from africa, then it goes
that sage comes from age

Pat Grantt writes 02/27/99

Gold Star! Tattered and profaned
White innocence abraded
Winter turns away.

Like the weather vane,
swinging to the south wind, we
turn and hear the geese.

SuperStar Pepe Guerrero writes 02/27/99

Dick Van Dyke, Bob Hope
Mary Tyler Moore and Mil-
ton Berle are all Old

Leaves, Falling on my House
Trapping my family within
Tis the Life of a fire ant

AdAm writes 02/27/99

My Cat just Ate Spam
And now he won't quit pooting
I think that I'll Hurl!

Stuart Reed writes 02/27/99

Baldly stated bold
Initiatives always seem
Mad to the layman.

The poet comments, "These are haiku written whilst milking cows and are called 'Cowed'"

Ideas double back when
They hit cul-de-sacs.

Opponents of my
Prejudices have sweeping

Leading ladies star
In celluloid fantasies
With cellulose breasts.

Flickering licks of
Painted flame dance across the
Animated screen.

When a mind holds forth
It does so through tongue or pen
Or typewriter key.

Yaks and other beasts
Of burden carry packs up
The Himalayas.

Thought blankets action
With a snowy avalanche
Of indecision.

I'm only a mule,
Everybody's fool. Ears flap
In a dunce's cap.

Dirigibles brought
Terrible tribulations
From the open sky.

Claudette writes 02/26/99

Volkswagen beetle
Well-engineered arthropod
Hallowed be thy name

Dirty Old Man writes 02/26/99

Gold Star! forgotten ashes
rekindled by Viagra
my phoenix rises

___ThisThing___63 writes 02/26/99

Cold, low air pressure
Howl wind, snow storm, avalanche.
Nemesis of spring.

Tenderstorm writes 02/26/99

flowers on wings
flitting among the bushes
celebrating spring

Gold Star! bluest of blue skies
Narcissus adoring his
image on the sea

Mallik Bulusu writes 02/26/99

Breeze of
trees freeze at
sub-zero degrees

Honeyred writes 02/25/99

Winter apples bright
Cold cheeks of my sons glowing
My heart is in Spring

The poet comments, "My sons are Korean, Mexican and Irish. When they are cold, their cheeks look like beautiful bright red apples against the pale softness of their skin. "

Faithful friend brown fur
Sweet presence in all seasons
To play days, patrol nights

The poet comments, "For Bud, the sweetest dog "

Joyna writes 02/25/99

The things you love most
are usually taken away
when you need them most

People walk or crawl
to get to the cathedral
for Santa Marža

the sweet sensation
of your flavor in my mouth
you...my M&M's

Toadster writes 02/25/99

the ice has not thawed
frozen stiff was the old toad
friend frog had him towed

Stuart Reed writes 02/25/99

Texans in Stetsons
And boots with high heels exude
Huge self-importance.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Soldiering On'"

You to me are so
Delectable. I am so

How do we look to
The outside world or is that
None of our concern?

Evidently, pain
Can be sugar-coated if
Injected in veins.

Row upon row of
Ant-like humans march in step
To weekly pay checks.

A little knowledge
Gives the ignorant asshole
Mountains of courage.

He didn't want to
Lose his lucrative life so
He out and out lied.

Marihuana Tax
Act. Spellt with an 'h'. Designed
To tax Mehicans.

Stap my federal
Boots. Prohibition of my
Dope has shallow roots.

Becoming doting,
Grandparents bring gifts and smiles.
And parental wiles.

Morgan writes 02/25/99

A white box. On top
A Robin, head tilted, and
Nothing to report.

The poet comments, "At Christmas time Robins report to Santy on whether children have being good or bad."

Yvonne Cabalona writes 02/24/99

at dusk,
the stellar chill of Venus
and Jupiter

warmth self-wrapped
amidst stand of bare gingkos --
tropical palm

Monica Therese Curran writes 02/24/99

Winter brings many
Things including Egrets I
See in the green fields

Large are the Baleen
Whales as they open their mouths
Taking in plankton

Seen is its splender
There found is a fresh season
As we call it Spring

Thrusting upwards in
The morning, shining light comes
Fresh, smelling flowers

Blue with hints of green
Is the peaceful flowing stream
Starting a new day

Bluebird on my porch
Looking for a place to start
A journey so far

Joyna writes 02/24/99

I am full of thoughts
that keep me from being happy
if only they left.....

Gold Star! when the skies darken
and the winds moan with pleasure,
then winter has come

toast goes to butter
as points match with a pencil
Haiku to Toast Point??

The poet comments, "(I am just joking)"

ten poems to a day...
there can be more for writers
...who have imagined

when you hear music...
it can take you far from here
and later leave you dazed

Mallik Bulusu writes 02/24/99

At heights of
brilliance, invisible star
turns Golden

The poet comments, "'this happens at toastpoint too....'"

Loisseau writes 02/24/99

Looking at the sea,
sweet pea memories of hands
touching secret places.

Watching him survive,
sharp syringe kisses, China White track
mark,red on his arms.

Inkstone Foam writes 02/24/99

yellowstone river
bamboo culled no common herd
wild asparagus

Coors on the menu
second floor noodle parlour
still reeks opium

slighted by thunder
hookless catch returned in rain
boat jaws wide open

don't look in their eyes
dim seventy ninth street station
dinosaurs abound

The poet comments, "been on the A train a time or two, manhattan"

whale bone story knives
ancestors drawn into mud
mukluks unmoving

jobless interview
too qualified, eccentric
they still can't decide

The poet comments, "all copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

Mallik Bulusu writes 02/24/99

Thorns of sandalwood
slices are more painful
than fragrant

The poet comments, " polymorphysm again."

Spencer Dirks writes 02/24/99

wonderful lilies
sun with rays of golden rings
this, the first of June

The poet comments, "I love writing beautiful haiku"

Dianna Vosburg writes 02/24/99

cold sun appears
geese fly their runes across the sky
pigs wallow below

The poet comments, "I wrote this long ago on Claradan Farm (near Downtown Dogue, Virginia)."

Jekyll writes 02/24/99

Blizzard comes to town
I knock on my neighbor's door
"Where's my snowblower?"

Out of Love writes 02/23/99

High tide back to low
Crabs out to the sand
and walk

Mallik Bulusu writes 02/23/99

Gold Star! Who cares
the font of fate, but
what's written in it

Laura Dadd writes 02/23/99

Soothing, calming quiet
Without you life is dreary
Knowing you heavenly

Voice kind and urging
Face like a Siamese feline
Remembering you

The poet comments, "This was written about my drawing professor. She is the most creative and the best art teacher I have ever had"

Heather writes 02/23/99

The warming feeling
That comforts me while sleeping
yes, it is dreaming.

Yvonne Cabalona writes 02/23/99

Gold Star! collapsed with decay;
yet from the tree stump

Justin Brown writes 02/23/99

The North Wind blows hard
Sweeping me toward my fate
unknown destiny

Jenna writes 02/23/99

Color the spring time.
I'm mother of the rainbow.
Paint flowers with love.

Heather writes 02/23/99

Dance in the Forest
the leaves dance among the trees
waiting for the breeze

Stuart Reed writes 02/23/99

Satisfaction is
Seldom guaranteed. You will
Not often succeed.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Quints And Tierces'"

The leech occupies
A blood-sucking niche, living
On red and white cells.

Battersea powered
A station and a dogs' home.
Neither one survived.

If you are flat on
Your back there is no chance of
Turning back the clock.

Shall we put aside
Our innate differences,
Our inborn guidelines?

Genes have pools in which
They squander far more often
Than they propagate.

Why do monks shave their
Pates? How can a haircut be
Thought of as holy?

Salamander swim
Where salmon and their kin are
Not in evidence.

Fourscore years of three
Square meals and what do you get?
Middle-aged spare tyres.

Bellringers suffer
From a surfeit of volume,
As do most D.J.'s.

It's the whispier
Harmonics that are ignored
In histrionics.

Chelsea writes 02/23/99

Gold Star! The clash of colors
Sparkle in the evening sky
The sky comes to life

Iye Matsu-san writes 02/22/99

Evening's loneliness--
Spreading in waves with the dusk:
Coyote's lament.

The poet comments, "Piggy-backing on a haiku submitted about morning loneliness and an owl."

Bosa Pavlovic writes 02/22/99

Pink rose petals
from the painting on the wall
spreading fragrance.

The poet comments, "The title: "The Rehearsal""

Mihajlo Mika Pavlovic writes 02/22/99

Horse shoe shadow.
The blue leech of suspicion
at the road`s end.

Grimaces of clouds.
Processions of shadows
coming down the river.

The poet comments, "The title: "Waiting the Sand""

Pat Grantt writes 02/22/99

Cross the fretting sky
Wheeling terns and clouds scud by
Gripped by nettled spray

Gold Star! I once spoke the rhyme
That others sought with envy..
Sleep stole it away.

The poet comments, "Another fish story about the one that got away..half asleep in bed composting "perfect" poems that slip away by dawn."

Hee hee hee! Perhaps "composing"? Although Toast Point has read poems that should be composted...

Yvonne Cabalona writes 02/22/99

against the rain,
Spring flourishes with
crimson blossoms

James DeFilippis writes 02/22/99

Gold Star! Golden leaves flutter
Collecting on new snow
Winter holds her breath

Shameless trees limbs bare
Dance under the Harvest Moon
Knowing the winds touch

Immodest without leaves
Nude Willows stand in small groups
Watching their leaves leave

Kristine Bondoc writes 02/22/99

sill silent fiery eyes
Longing hoping dream my love
Part not I am here

Inkstone Foam writes 02/21/99

these taoist treasures
endless travel round Fuji
lichens and mosses

blood on "Spring Snow"
Yukio Mishima
sword in his belly

out-curled palm open
eyeless caged-floor spilling wine
monkey grabs the moon

The poet comments, "copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

Mallik Bulusu writes 02/21/99

Womb, it begins
Ends in a tomb
journey of life

Stuart Reed writes 02/20/99

The larger the mouth,
The smaller the mind. Take it
Easy, humankind.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Silent Wind'"

Sensitivity seeks in
Vain for company.

A lock on the door
Eliminates boors. Boredom
Versus unwashed hordes.

Tantalising trips
Beckon in brochures. Let's go
To Nova Scotia.

Damned if you do and
Damned if you don't. Falling in
Love, as is your wont.

Getting away from
What they have created makes
Tourists elated.

Particle half-lives
Measure decay in some strange
Atom crushing way.

Palomino stud
Is a pal of mine. He reads
My breath, like fine wine.

Salacious soldiers
Ejaculate through barrels
Of penis symbols.

Boom and bust. Does the
Federal Reserve deserve
Your financial trust?

Mindy writes 02/20/99

Gold Star! If the world was flat,
could I jump off of the edge
and float into space?

My cat, black and white...
soft purring like an engine...
content to just be.

Arkady Elterman writes 02/20/99

Wet, shape of a hand,
red leaf sticks to the windshield.
Have to pull over.

Inkstone Foam writes 02/20/99

bent knees at the barre
applause strings up their point shoes
bare wrists as they're bent

through paper windows
inward glow outward glimmer
fireflies come home

The poet comments, "for Toast Point; without whose website, these efforts I would not have."

That's so sweet!

The poet comments, "copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

Joyna writes 02/19/99

the wind fiercly moaned
and the trees swayed with harshness
in the winter storm

birds, fireflys, owls, dove
spring, summer, fall, and winter
love, friends, wisdom, peace

Arkady Elterman writes 02/19/99

Orange sun atop
Highway ramp running uphill.
Red sign says "wrong way".

Tenderstorm writes 02/19/99

speaking silently
not finding the words to say
he's out of his mime

Jekyll writes 02/19/99

Pacific Summer
Baywatch reveals a great truth
Hasselhoff can't act

haikusmith writes 02/19/99

once green now golden
lawn sporting Winter fashion
friends visit from North

I wrestle dream beast
enter metamorphosis
beast and I be one

in a haiku dream
everything was crisp and clear
each season came 'round

passing by jive street
night alluring with bright lights
doff hat, leave quickly

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/19/99

Kerouacs' ink seal
all night carving characters
saxophones be-bop

bent rye dew falling
nourished tounge-hide placenta
spring splatters moist milk

cold threadless nightshirt
scene through the loose hole chewed seam
winter needled moon

The poet comments, "copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

Arkady Elterman writes 02/19/99

Sitting in the aisle,
Adream, I still don't believe
This "Boeing" can fly.

Joyna writes 02/18/99

ballerina twirls
dazed in soft piano music
giving her whole heart

Pablo Picasso
looked at trumpet and Brasso
painting it was prime

The poet comments, "(Brasso is a type of polish for brass)"

Stuart Reed writes 02/18/99

Echoes inch across
The canyon, slowly finding
A home in an ear.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Having My Sober Say'"

Devoid of deadly
Viral infections, my blood
Is pure. No question.

Badly worded prose
Goes against the grain and gets
Up one's reading nose.

Echoes flinch when they
Meet a vacuum. Nothing to
Transport them. They're doomed.

Zing went the single
String of my heart. It was an
Emotional start.

Alive, alive, oh.
Cockles and muscles. She sells
Sea shells. She hustles.

By the book I swear.
Put your hand on morocco.
Swear rococo oaths.

Tell me timidly
You're not definitively
Determined to die.

Leather comes from cows.
Bindings for books were once a
Bovine covering.

At your peril. The speed of
Light is absolute.

Darrell Lindsey writes 02/18/99

focus on Jesus
repent of your ways
and don't worry about Mr. Lindsey

Arkady Elterman writes 02/18/99

Nevada highway.
How long have I been asleep?
This is my exit.

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/18/99

type word rhythm type
take up the brush for ten years
typing will dissolve

offered a dungeon
skeleton wind risked freedom
bone knife split the void

blow the inkstone foam
cast away the old glued brush
scrape paper kotsu!

The poet comments, "(homage to basho's hutless journey) (homage to benson's brushless journey) haiku triplet copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

Miki writes 02/18/99

Gold Star! A butterfly
stops a child from crying
on the meadow

The poet comments, "Croatian:
prekida djecji plac
na livadi"

The gray-haired old man
took a rest on the tree-stump -
the growth rings of memories

The poet comments, "Croatian:
Sijedi starac
pocinuo na panju -
godovi sjecanja"

Tenderstorm writes 02/17/99

little black pebble
skipping over rivulets
of the babbling brook

3rd rock from the sun
Buffy, the vampire slayer
Frasier, just shoot me!

Possum writes 02/17/99

Software and hardware
Oh to know PC and Mac
How do I delete?

Gold Star! In my coffee cup
There is watery beige hell
Gets me through the day

Pat Grantt writes 02/17/99

Gold Star! Chaos in the eaves -
Steller's jays discussing their
claims to one last seed.

Stuart Reed writes 02/17/99

Vigilantes meet
Violence with violence,
Answering to God.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Theories Again.'"

Inundated with
Statistics and logistics
Captains order fire.

Loaded into sacks,
Cats squall and scratch with cats' paws,
Tearing hemp to shreds.

Deepest recesses
House intuitive guesses.
Haunted nooks house ghosts.

Deep midwinter wails
Across the frozen tundra.
Santa strokes his elves.

A middling muddle.
An acceptable jumble.
More or less a mess.

Dialogue of one.
Therapeutic singalong
In a monotone.

Paddle up a creek.
If it's all Greek to you, it's
Double Dutch to me.

Davey Jones' locker,
Deep beneath the surface, may
Contain a shocker.

Shaking free her fur,
Bubbles is glad I've finished
Extracting the burr.

Darrell Lindsey writes 02/17/99

a blue sweater breeze
the man on the bicycle
shouting at himself

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/17/99

this red peony
vortex hurried collusion
spiralling in

waists held but lightly
this buildings fire pink granite
will you powder me?

The poet comments, "inscription for a portrait"

The poet comments, "copyright B. Buettner"

Joyna writes 02/16/99

Gold Star! the air is chilly
in the nights of bright lanterns
on All Hallows eve

the ants move mountains
and a backyard is their world
small...but big to them

the lotus flower.
symbolizes beauty's touch
but...all natural.

The poet comments, "(I meant natural as in being beautiful without makeup. By just being the flower it is.)"

RGBerard writes 02/16/99

Pushed air, tube's fresh breeze
Underground, not subway, mate
Queensway: mind the gap

The poet comments, "London Underground 1"

Toast Point was on a bus this past weekend that advised people getting off to 'walk alertly'. He thought that was bizarre.

Haikusmith writes 02/16/99

she having rough patch
anxious to tell her best chum
relief and comfort

chum they call dogfish
ummiat their word for boat
and we but dog men

KSGraham writes 02/16/99

Numbers piled like snow
Footprints pointing to the past
Did I once walk there?

The poet comments, "Title: Forgotten Math"

Darrell Lindsey writes 02/16/99

vast stretch of highway
the day running on empty
for a few more miles

Pat Grantt writes 02/16/99

Tilly Titmouse taught
Tom Tanager to tango...
Now it's tease for two.

The poet comments, "The tango is such a tantalizing, teasing dance."

Gold Star! Truly grumpy dogs
Floss their teeth with fragments of
Postal uniforms.

Yvonne Cabalona writes 02/16/99

giving morning's
loneliness a voice ---
the lone owl

Kyra's Mom submits 02/16/99

Gold Star! The weather is cold
Florida is very warm
Go on vacation

The poet comments, "written by Stacey Abraham, Ivan Atochin, Illona Karob, Kyra Maginity & Jared Marks -- Loesche Elementary School, First Grade (computer class)"

Toast Point strongly suspects that many of the following haikus from 2/16 are the result of some clever English teacher turning the class loose on the contest. He also suspects that this is not the same class as listed above.

Mike Applegate writes 02/16/99

Gold Star! My breath was taken
at the sight of the ocean
that moment was great.

David Buss writes 02/16/99

Trees have leaves and bark
Birds live and nest in big trees
I love to climb them.

Thomas Tonra writes 02/16/99

A tree in the woods
It talked to me but then it
Fell right on myself.

Kim F writes 02/16/99

Colors overhead
After the rain and the sun
Could there be gold there?

MATTHEW L writes 02/16/99

There is a rainbow
streaming across the ski so bright
find the pot of gold.

Loraina Hacker writes 02/16/99

The birds and the bees
And the flowers and the trees
In this pretty world

Thomas M. O'Grady writes 02/16/99

Beautiful nature
Birds singing, flowers blooming
Green grass with crickets

Adam Altobelli writes 02/16/99

Free peaceful happy
Frolicking playing
Running hopping cool

Dana Glover writes 02/16/99

Birds fly in the sky.
The sun shines on everything
On a summer day.

bubbles ROGERS writes 02/16/99

Gold Star! The blue of the sky
Joined with the white clouds in peace
Just look up sometimes

Collins writes 02/16/99

Likes to play sometimes
Will obey if you tell them
I have one at home

Jessica writes 02/16/99

Green trees everywhere
Leafy, green, beautiful, and tall
Yellow red orange

Kevin Stryzek writes 02/16/99

Fish live in water.
There are many kinds of fish.
I even have one.

CHEIF writes 02/16/99

The Falcons are ggod
They can do the dirtybird
The Broncos beat them

Milk Krucek writes 02/16/99

Gold Star! The year 2000
The beginning of the end
Judgement day is near

Tom Brozek writes 02/16/99

Gold Star! I like animals
But sometimes they are sticky
So I don't own one

The poet comments, "I liked making this. It was a fun project, I hope you agree!"

It made Toast Point guffaw.

Paul Krumrie writes 02/16/99

I like trees a lot
My house is by a forest
The forest is fun

Sara "Jaws" Owano writes 02/16/99

Gold Star! A crescent shines down
Tiny dots light the heavens
Crickets chirp their song.

Becky writes 02/16/99

When it's raining hard
and the sun comes out and shines
a rainbow appears.

Stephanie Gancarski writes 02/16/99

A hot summer day
the sun shines brightly above
children scream and play.

Dennis Rodriguez writes 02/16/99

A stream flows downward
and it keeps flowing but where
does the water go

Mike Domagalski writes 02/16/99

I like many things
One thing is I like all trees
Why because they're cool

Steven Vander Vliet writes 02/16/99

Birds are good creatures
They fly in summer mornings
They're very graceful

Dan (the man) Perez writes 02/16/99

A pretty flower
describes Lauren's pretty eyes
Like a pretty flower

Gregory Botica writes 02/16/99

It is beautiful,
The sun brings us warmth and life,
We need it to live.

The poet comments, "Here, I hope hope you enjoy it."

Christina Connolly (coopie) writes 02/16/99

Gold Star! All of the seasons
Summer, spring, autumn, winter
nice, hot, warm, cool, cold

Mike Kolek writes 02/16/99

The grass is real green
and the sky is really blue
and I don't know why.

Elizabeth Harrison writes 02/16/99

The grass is bright green
The sky is glistening blue
The birds sing so loud

The poet comments, "I put time and effort into all of my poems."

Hanna Ehlers writes 02/16/99

The crisp air is cold
The cool cold breeze hits my face
That means winter is coming

Jim Nowaczyk writes 02/16/99

The sound of the gun
The fall of the bloody bird
O how very nice

Dale west writes 02/16/99

wet at break of dawn
cut and trimmed everyday
left alone at night

Julie Molina writes 02/16/99

Enjoying scenes
Wondering about this world
The wonders of life

Justin writes 02/16/99

The sun is setting
The gorge looks like it's painted
Beautiful it is

Pinak Trivedi writes 02/16/99

The birds are chirping
Morning dew is forming now
Welcoming the dawn

Sherry Lewon writes 02/16/99

Beautiful flowers
Warm breeze in the clear blue sky
A clear summer day

Mindy Morrissy writes 02/16/99

The bright sky is filled
Filled with birds that fly though clouds
They are so distant

Jim Ackley writes 02/16/99

A soaring bullet floats above
is white and has beautiful white wings
soaring high above in happiness.

The poet comments, "Haikus Suck"

Tim Egan writes 02/16/99

The fall of winter
Snowfall glistens in the air
Oh how I like it.

The poet comments, "this sux"

J. D. Derbas writes 02/16/99

Dark bright once or twice
Wings on a flower petal
Wings that flash colors

David Rooney writes 02/16/99

Haiku through the trees
The wind breezes in the air
Stormy it may be.

Matt Martin writes 02/16/99

The lights shine brightly
Vehicles travel very fast
The stars walk the streets

Ryan Corcoran writes 02/16/99

The bird is flying
In the very high blue sky
And then it got shot

The poet comments, "haikus stink"

Reem Salah writes 02/16/99

Its white wings flapping
A small breeze against its face
Filling the blue sky in white.

Whitney Mizera writes 02/16/99

Gold Star! Black and white blotches
Standing on the morning dew
While hearing loud moos.

Phil Krutal writes 02/16/99

Birds fill the blue sky
One falls and hits the hard ground
The sky turns dark gray.

Mary Kunkel writes 02/16/99

A car goes by fast
While the sound travels behind
Then slows down to stop.

Andy Cachey writes 02/16/99

Gold Star! There was a snow storm
Because of it we missed a
Ton of class time

The poet comments, "this is a horrible haiku"

Pinank R. Chheda writes 02/16/99

A big explosion
Rocks burst high into the air
Dust clouds fill the sky

Racheal Elizabeth Purintun writes 02/16/99

The rain falls clearly.
Cold outside, yet warm inside.
Cloudy thoughts, clear mood.

Nicole Lentes writes 02/16/99

Leaves blow in the wind
The sound fills the crisp clear air
The sound of spring time

Mallory Theisinger writes 02/16/99

Flowers in the wind.
They are sweet and beautiful.
Springtime in the air.

Jeff Scholefield writes 02/16/99

The Morning Dew Drops
The Cool Crisp Air Of The Dawn
An Amazing Sight

Kevin writes 02/16/99

Wind Is Very Strong
It Carries Clouds Overhead
Gentle Rain Bring Calm

Karlie Spence writes 02/16/99

Cool autumn leaves rush.
Southward birds fly far away.
As winter unfolds.

Micah Sobus writes 02/16/99

A silence imparts
the wonder in all you see.
That look on your face.

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/15/99

night blinkless black sky
stones skip buoy to buoy
smugglers paradise

how to count porridge
by seeds by petals by fruit
garden dementia

The poet comments, "copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

Elaine Cleveland writes 02/15/99

florist shop
rainbow of roses --
not a single scent

coldest winter night
bare branches scraping the sky
digging up the stars

rabbit tracks vanish
halfway across the front yard
shadow of the hawk

camping by the lake
watching the full moon rising
silver plated clouds

Mallik Bulusu writes 02/15/99

snow forms and
melts in course of time
reflecting winds

Silver lining
hides all the gloom
in the cloud

Broken feathers
Are not affected by
weather fluctuations.

Water water
everywhere, nobody
to drink

The poet comments, "Ban the weapons of mass destruction, else this might well be the fate of the mother earth."

electrons caught
in a shell don't travel
much distances

The poet comments, "At times we do not achieve what we want when we are
1) plagued by external influences
2) caught in vicious circles
3) too small to defy the gravity of the problem "

tears of struggle
vanish in no time
on victory

The poet comments, " but the struggle is worth it."

Life, at crossroads
is confusing, and life
is full of them.

The poet comments, "Life is all about DECISION MAKING at any point of time."

is the answer to

The poet comments, "Art of winning the tough with patience."

Truly emanating source
as well as reflecting light
can form shadows.

Reusing wheel solves
a problem quickly, but reinventing
solves many unknown.

The poet comments, " Reinventing a wheel is not a bad idea either. - Mallik Bulusu"

Stuart Reed writes 02/15/99

Evening descends
And dusk comes across as an
Empty sense of loss.

The poet comments, "The first nineteen are called 'Much As They'd Like To.' "

Once again, you're only gonna see the first ten...

Harvest festival
Celebrated cerebral
Fruits on pedestals.

The once outspoken
Have since become broken down
Cyphers and tokens.

Men with golden arms
Do not have the Midas touch.
You would think they would.

Alumni gather.
Assembled remnants ponder
Ancient collages.

A broken window
Shattered by a shoulder. Shards
Discarded rudely.

Lessons in logic.
Aristotle invented

Agamemnon and
Agrippa. Today we have
Gore. Al and Tipper.

Tinkers and hawkers
Were frowned upon in a long
Gone English language.

Yon rag-and-bone man,
Son of a knife-sharpener,
Wishes he were dead.

Darrell Lindsey writes 02/15/99

lava in the sky
all the sunflowers melting
in the heart of man

George writes 02/14/99

Gold Star! Icy winter gale,
Leafless trees murmur and moan
I turn up my collar.

A yellow March sun
Looks down on mist-covered fields
A lone cat hunts mice.

Summer Vacation!
Noisy anticipation.
Quiet remembrance.

Fresh apple cider!
Who cannot taste the spring rains?
The warm summer days?

Elaine Cleveland writes 02/14/99

strong November winds
whirling around and around --
tornado of crows

strong autumn wind blows
crows and yellow leaves about
patterning the field

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/13/99

humps swill ebb and flo'
capitols gone pit peachless
caterpillars rant

The poet comments, "(yours house,senate,clinton) copyright B. Buettner 2/99 "

Yusra Ahmad writes 02/13/99

Rose bathed in light
Each leaf cradles a dewdrop
Thorns jab the darkness

Stuart Reed writes 02/13/99

Everybody freeze.
No one gets to leave unless
Daddy so decrees.

Sitting on the stoop
With an ice cold beer. Heaven
In an earthly sphere.

Even cabbage white
Butterflies live and die in
A world that's savage.

The poet comments, "I forgot. These are called 'Only Bite Off What You Can Chew'"

Tumbling tumbleweed
Chokes major arteries in
North America.

Bolder beholders
Would never hesitate when
Expressing their views.

Withdrawn introvert
Taps into a well-spring of
Internalised hurt.

Savage with totem
Has no need of polls. He likes
What everyone hates.

Perfidious husk
Of a worn out genius
Spouts out platitudes.

Pent-up pensiveness
Usually terminates
In an "ooh" or "ah".

And a good job too.
We wouldn't want our children
To live in yon zoo.

"Over yonder" said
My grandfather, speaking long
Gone English language.

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/12/99

new year two thousand
a feasting drunk moon schism
departing trousers

Giza pyramid
abrupt movement camel spit
the cameras gone

The poet comments, "copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

Joyna writes 02/12/99

when we are younger
things seem to be more gentle
age strengthens rough seas

why is it that we,
each unique in our own way,
are trapped in copied webs?

copying others,
and all wearing the same clothes,
with crazy footsteps.

A piece of advice
be yourself and don't,
always match with others.

Mallik Bulusu writes 02/12/99

Guinea pigs
Are not from Guinea
Nor or they Pigs

You can't see
A perfect transparency
In this universe.

Mr. Key never visited
Spain or Italy, as he would be
called Don Key.

Gold Star! When you LISTEN,
You ENLIST and you are
SILENT, do you know this?

Darrell Lindsey writes 02/12/99

lamplight forsaken
the moth circling the pillow
where you lay your head

fireflies in the grass
a lantern held high
above my head

distance between us
the irony of bridges
on the way back home

these feet are blistered
they need the balm of your hands
the salve of your soul

Gold Star! fog covers the bridge
of yesterday's
sunshine suicide

sailboat tilts toward sunset
her green eyes lifting the sky
even higher

tourists on a low cloud
wake me in a graveyard
from a dream of you eating thorns

mockingbird trembles
in the ghost town's only tree
answers the falling of leaves

hotel balcony-
listening to a George Jones tune
as the seagulls cry

honeysuckle eyes
in the night breeze
before Armageddon

Stuart Reed writes 02/12/99

Autumn in Paris
Is cold and unpleasant in
Tenement buildings.

The poet comments, "These are haiku written whilst milking cows and are called 'Statically Charged'"

Rastaman dreadlocks
Form the hirsute bedrock
Of reggae and ska.

The elite compete
More with each other than with
Deadbeats such as we.

Lowered sights point to
The root of what might have been,
Triggering sorrow.

How many mickles
Make a muckle? How many
Slips twixt Cupid's lips?

We are out of luck.
That bally Billy Bunter
Will not share his tuck.

Lofty ideals are
Often espoused by left wing
Softies, says the right.

Pinko commie hip
Hop hippie Pommie dreadlock.
Insults I've received.

Do not bat an eye,
Though battered by your own shy

Molecular grains
Of salt and sand occupy
Immense tracts of land.

Yvonne Cabalona writes 02/12/99

my cat ---
a white shadow
moving through darkness

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/12/99

yell- color poem
basho's hut smell drifting in
-ow pointed end up

The poet comments, "homage to banana man copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

Mihajlo Mika Pavlovic writes 02/12/99

Mottled ants.
From the scar of mist
coming down the river.

The poet comments, "Title: "Pilgrimage""

Paper kites,
from the serene sky:
setting down the river.

The poet comments, "Title: "Paper Dances""

Loisseau writes 02/12/99

Did you get one from
her? Valentine love baffles
all shy first grade boys.

Mallik Bulusu writes 02/12/99

All's not well
When it begins well and
Ends abruptly there.

The poet comments, "An exception to Shakesphere's 'All is well that ends well'"

Pat Grantt writes 02/12/99

Gold Star! Telegraphed today
In mounds upon my doorstep...
"Spring has been delayed".

Musty sweet the morn
When soft green anoints the hills
framing daffodils.

The poet comments, "Damn the ice and snow I'm ready for Spring."

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/12/99

elk hunt burnt mountain
scattered hoofprints steaming snow
tasty twig porridge

The poet comments, "copyright B Buettner 2/99"

Laura Dadd writes 02/11/99

I think I hate you
After reflecting on your
Poisonous glib tounge

Chilly down, soft white
Treacherous and mean to some
gentle and sweet to me

Gold Star! I thought you had left!
Shrinking snow, open rivers
Conspire to deceive.

Mallik Bulusu writes 02/11/99

Little ire in cigar stub
turned all forest into coal
leaving eerie silence

Oh Mt. Hood!
You needed snow to cool
lava inside you.

The poet comments, "Few hide the innerself with bad intentions where as few suppress it for good(for eg. Mt Hood)."

How much ever
you try, you cannot seek
the omnipresent ether

The poet comments, "it is there everywhere, yet you can't seek because as you seek, it gets replaced with ether again."

Seven Sol-Fa syllables
do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti
tune in a haiku.

Laura Dadd writes 02/11/99

Silent dreamtime wakes
The slumbering privet self
Art takes its first breath.

Sarah Weisman writes 02/11/99

Gold Star! Owl in the light sky
Fly down now it's almost day,
Why are you out late?

Stuart Reed writes 02/11/99

You won't be around
When placed underground, other
Than physically.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Tulips From Amsterdam'"

The nineteen nineties
Stress stress. It has turned out that
Far more is far less.

The pendulum swings.
Grandfather clocks in walnut
Cases know these things.

Chiming on the hour.
Boing. Ticking seconds slowly
Beat a clockwork gong.

Standing in the dock,
Regarded by a baleful
Eye. Witness programme.

Lost in inner space
We leave only a faint trace
Of keeping apace.

The Liberty Bell
Is symbolically cracked.
Freedom versus fact.

Wayne's World is one more
Parallel universe. That
Of a hopeless churl.

Brandy snaps cluttered
Biscuit tins with left over
Remnants. The ruins.

When light bulbs clatter,
It's because the filament
No longer matters.

J writes 02/11/99

Strong flaying warm wind
Pushing tornados of leaves
Clogging storm drain, flood!

The poet comments, "Record high with record wind today! "

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/11/99

knife sharpened koan
bleeding warm meat from cut veins
rattlesnakes circle

The poet comments, "copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

Haikusmith writes 02/11/99

I recall my last March
prolific haiku postings
why did it happen?

The poet comments, "Looking at the archive for March '98 surprised me. Where did all that energy come from? I don't recall, it remains a mystery why is haiku verse the only thing that remains?"

Darrell Lindsey writes 02/11/99

Gold Star! last night a short dream
the conversation with you
still speaking to me

Balli writes 02/11/99

Summer sun rises
Golden glowing ball of flame
Warms me from without

For Erik writes 02/11/99

All you would see is
My love for you if you could
Peer into my soul

Morgan writes 02/11/99

A white box. On top,
A robin. Head tilted and
nothing to report.

Mallik Bulusu writes 02/11/99

Gold Star! What is half of 'half and half'?
Milkman sez, its still 'half and half'
Math man denies, its just 'half'

The poet comments, " The first one talks quality and the second about the quantity."

When more than one
Murphy's laws state the same problem,
that's poly-murphysm

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/10/99

free old orchid books
court page paddles petal boat
nematodes rooting

The poet comments, "copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

Mallik Bulusu writes 02/10/99

In a cavity
There is no room for
gravity, interestingly.

The poet comments, "Cavity should be imagined as infinite vacuum. There is space in vacuum but not for gravity."

Count number of letters
Small is bigger and
Big is smaller, funny.

How much ever you cut
HABIT on 'A BIT' by 'BIT' basis
IT remains, I mean HABIT.

The poet comments, "HABIT, A BIT, BIT, IT."

On a rainy day, "we-busy-ere
we saw vi.bG.yor", the seven
colored rain bow.

The poet comments, " Inspired by Alexanders 'able was i ere i saw elba', the palindrome."

Mallik Bulusu writes 02/10/99

Gold Star! mid-way through uphill
few think they are
half way down the trough

Mrs. Spy
couldn't hide that she's
from Mississipi

When dumbstruck
A poet became
Haiku guru, accidentally

The poet comments, "'because, he started expressing things in syllables'"

Back in school
We used to dance at 10 AM
Because, it's at-ten-dance hour

One auction
Behind another, wouldn't it
be(h) - ind(a)uction

The poet comments, "be induction......"

two guys in love triangle
fighting to-get-her
could never go together

The poet comments, "naturally..........."

Tenderstorm writes 02/10/99

like stars in the sky
a gathering of fireflies
celebrating life

a hundred-foot tree
falls heavily to the ground
tiny termites rule!

the fire in her eyes
burns fiercely into the dark
forests of my soul

a chorus of frogs
singing paeans to the rain
symphony of joy

Gold Star! a flurry of wings
tumultuous cacophony
honk if you're a goose

warm, soft, falling rain
drenching yet soothing the soul
this is tenderstorm

The poet comments, "a self-portrait"

look at the mantis
in earnest supplication
praying for a prey

Ben Witzenman writes 02/10/99

Warm murmurs beyond
the frozen wall slowly find
way to the iceman.

Swallowing the words
forced the new dad to vomit
his ulcer juices.

Frat boy anxious for
friday drink; the serpent smirks
like a sharp curved road.

Dammed duct overflows.
Blood splattered scrubs scream louder
than a lost child.

Darrell Lindsey writes 02/10/99

tongue breaking this life
into pure contradictions
I'm now my own myth

roaches and demons
landlords of this blue motel
with the neon sign

starlight for a crown
the down of yesterday's clouds
pillowing the bricks

the ultimate lies
the windmills out of control
where there is no wind

Alexander Sculthorpe writes 02/10/99

They try to make you afraid
Doesn't work on me

The poet comments, "This Haiku is about my emotions as a runner, and how intimidation plays an important part in the sport of running. This is a free entry contest, right?"

Pat Grantt writes 02/10/99

Gold Star! And o'er modern streets
Through their plastic, neon gloom
Shines an ancient moon.

Roberta Taussig writes 02/10/99

Gold Star! I touch with my mind
the place in my heart you touched,
so deep, dark, and sweet

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/09/99

the literati
burns workmen below bellows
rich laughs discarded

The poet comments, "struggle on! copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

BiG pAbLo writes 02/09/99

Piercing sirens sound
But nothing is emerging
traffic is halted.

The poet comments, "It gives a sense of a city-like atmosphere."

Anonymous writes 02/09/99

Memories buried
In chock-a-block cemeteries
Water dead bodies.

Darrell Lindsey writes 02/09/99

mind open to sky
the calligraphy of stars
turning into poems

Basho's frog is here
still jumping on lily pads
after all these years

Gold Star! grapes between her toes
the left foot barely moving
as I taste the wine

thunderstorm coming
woman with clothes in her hands
running for the back door

Pat Grantt writes 02/09/99

Gold Star! Diamond chips of ice
Adorning bony fingers..
Winter is engaged.

Scavenging my wake
The soaring seabirds feast on
What to me is foam.

Darrell Lindsey writes 02/08/99

the fireflies of time
memories of you coming back
in midnight flickers

leaves still falling fast
the wind laughing with the rake
like I'm their punch line

gypsies with flowers
follow the warm harvest moon
down a gravel road

dew on the blossoms
a widow in her garden
with a cracked vase

Gold Star! glitter in the trees
left by twelve hasty angels
caught in a rapture

crickets on the porch
a man in his rocking chair
dreaming of sunflowers

the petals of night
the way they flower the walls
when your touch whispers

while two lovers laugh
dolphins dance sunset water
in front of the ship

afternoon alone
counting the cherry blossoms
the barefoot highway

Haikusmith writes 02/08/99

potter wrestles clay
hopes to impose form, function
sometimes the clay wins

The poet comments, "Dedicated to Carol who has written a book about the wonderful, diverse potteries of British Columbia. "

RGBerard writes 02/07/99

Come dark deep cold pray
Battery please be strong but
Click groan dying dead

The poet comments, "Always carry jumper cables. "

Gold Star! Bright sun, bracing cold
Diehard Sears, expectant hope
Click, roar, off we go

The poet comments, "A more optimistic take. "

Darrell Lindsey writes 02/07/99

hands outstretched to sky
a man on a twilight cliff
looking for roses.

Erika writes 02/07/99

the rain falls slowly
gently with the bird's love song
in early spring months

the grapes grow on vines
and bird snuggle deep in warm nests
but my place? not here.

Oh Well writes 02/07/99

the old redwood knew
how to live feast and famine
it tried to teach me

Empty Neat writes 02/07/99

Arcata has spring
It's winter in Detroit, Ann left
Arcata took spring

Wise writes 02/07/99

the sight is awesome
at the edge of this crevice
again, I fall in

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/06/99

desert stone face frown a tear,
drowns Shelley afloat.

borne boiling sunlight,
after climbed pinnacle gaze,
frigid nightshade.

The poet comments, "copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

Tenderstorm writes 02/06/99

tall bamboos swaying
disturbs the forest's silence
with their weary sighs

raindrops on the roof
pitter-patter like a heart
that is filled with love

Yvonne Cabalona writes 02/06/99

late night,
scent floats across patio ---
fallen lemons

Gold Star! damp morning ---
spreading green through bare trees
gentle touch of moss

Stuart Reed writes 02/05/99

On the borderline
Between a broader line and
Very narrow minds.

The poet comments, "These are haiku written before, whilst and after milking cows and are called 'Minds Silently Sing.'"

Our objective is
To be subjective. Get in
Touch with our feelings.

A word to the wide-
Eyed child of wonder. Lightning
Presages thunder. Concentrated electro-
Magnetic concert.

A vanishing point,
In perspective, disappears
Up its own rectum.

Clerk takes bets on shots in the
Gambling racing dark.

Peccadilloes pick
A time and a place to make
A piquant trick stick.

Mom's apple pie is
One of the apples of an
American's eye.

A warning shot in
Gunboat diplomacy was
Fired across the bows.

People as cattle
Resemble lemmings. Lemmings
Look like racing rats.

A tattered scarecrow,
Bloody but unbowed, frightens
Birds of a feather.

Caca Volante writes 02/05/99

Gold Star! Beans do part the cheeks
Causing mighty winds to blow
Save me from the storm

Hoo Flung Dung writes 02/05/99

Silent killers stalk
An arresting odor claims
Another victim

NightSky writes 02/04/99

February snow
Melting in the warmth of love
From Valentine's Day

Gold Star! Purest scene of snow
Frost-covered trees motionless
Stilled by icy air

Toast Point for haikus:
Secret and intricate words
Of unknown writers

Yvonne Cabalona writes 02/04/99

for a moment
buoyed by a bare-limbed tree
--- the setting moon

Oliver Lee Bigler writes 02/04/99

Gold Star! Pink, beefy temptress
I can no longer remain

The poet comments, " I love spam."

Joe Lemanek writes 02/04/99

A tear falls slowly
My heart breaks, you turn away
Our love is no more

The poet comments, "It was written for my ex-girlfriend."

Phantasmo writes 02/04/99

Pillowy flatbread
Settles not the aching gut
Run for the border

The poet comments, "I entitle this Taco Hell...based on a true story"

Haikusmith writes 02/04/99

fenced black birds gave notice
hundreds of yellow eyes pierced me
a seed of their discontent

The poet comments, "Pat (Grant) thank you for the wonderful images. I hope you don't become a seed of gossip,

Johnny "

Tenderstorm writes 02/04/99

Gold Star! hungry chihuahua
after eating steak, declares
"no mas taco bell"

T writes 02/04/99

Gold Star! on the list
Advil and extra chocolate
---midwinter period

Pat Grantt writes 02/04/99

Gold Star! Once there was a tear
Now marked by salty crystals
on a wiser cheek.

R.G. Berard writes 02/03/99

Gold Star! Two teams not unBrown
Went east to play as Birds and
Soar in Baltimore

The poet comments, "The Cleveland Browns became the Baltimore Ravens football team. The St. Louis Browns became the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. "

Mark C Smith writes 02/03/99

Summer sun goes down
Tonight we shall drink beer
By the rippling sea

The poet comments, "Haiku the Australian way!"

Bry writes 02/03/99

Dark Garage

sunlight pierces through-
a spiders trap glows bright
the fly's hope is dim

Anonymous writes 02/03/99

phonelines cut through,
branches twist to avoid...
being cut by a saw

Bry writes 02/03/99

Gold Star! Snow piles shrinking
tiny rivers flowing -
puddles growing

The poet comments, "Not a true 5-7-5 follower"

Kevin Min writes 02/03/99

Obedient wife,
Gets me the blanket when told.
I will keep this one.

Loisseau writes 02/03/99

Gold Star! Just infatuation
Teenage sighing and crying
Someone crushed her heart

The poet comments, "Is it spring yet? Must be something in the water!"

Yvonne Cabalona writes 02/03/99

in the eyes of the cat ---
two blue moons

Haikusmith writes 02/03/99

Gold Star! creamy clouds in silk skies
painted canvas holds memories
outside all is thunder

The poet comments, " A better version of a January offering. "

Iye Matsu-san writes 02/02/99

Gold Star! Cherry blossom falls
Small waves across the old pond
Spreading forever

The poet comments, "Who knows the effect of small actions?"

Swelling full Spring buds!
Awakening, juices flow.
Her green eyes meet mine

Lucy Coleman writes 02/02/99

Sweet honeysuckle
Hummingbirds will fly to you
Smelling your nectar

Tygger writes 02/01/99

Elegant Tiger
A White Covered Forest
Gone Forever More

Green writes 02/01/99

Gold Star! Green delicate stems,
Crisp leaves; like feathered down, yield
Tender, soft petals.

The poet comments, "I had to write this for an english assignment. I just was looking for some imput from non-family members, because we all know they never give it to you straight. "

Tenderstorm writes 02/01/99

frogs in lilypads
insulted by a lizard
sadder, but wise-er

Diamond writes 02/01/99

Flowers and candy hearts
Cupid shooting arrows
February's affection

Tasha writes 02/01/99

things change
babys grow old, flowers die
life starts over agin

Chanel writes 02/01/99

creeping to the room
unhappy with your soul mate
get a divorce

Smokey the Bear writes 02/01/99

As the shouting continues
It is finally broken by a quick silence
For a moment it is peaceful

Inkstone Photowriter writes 02/01/99

why write tradition,
step out ahead, past paths passed,
yourself or others.

as path passes past,
throughout thorough toil abode;
a wondrous empty.

The poet comments, "haiku couplet copyright B. Buettner 2/99"

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