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Entries from March, 1999

Toast Point would like to remind contestants that they should limit themselves to at most ten entries a day, as Toast Point will not post any more than that.

Stuart Reed writes 03/31/99

How does it feel to
Be only minimally
Useful, Ulysses?

He's just a ghost out
Of the blue. No clues as to
His identity.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Aesop Moral'"

Not being vanquished
Feels to the underdog like
Mission accomplished.

Patterns can persuade
A man to see the hand of
God in the random.

Spartan conditions
Appeal to the stoic as
Having aesthetics.

Virgin vagina,
Hymen intact, fetches a
High price in child brides.

Pyrotechnics based
On lasers lack the bang of
Chinese dynamite.

Most mistakes are no
Great shakes. There isn't very
Often much at stake.

Swathed in swaddling bands,
All you can see of baby
Is its face and hands.

The battle of the
Saxes in the streets. Kansas
City. New Orleans.

Mallik Bulusu writes 03/31/99

Gold Star! once brown
a leaf can never gain
it's green back

Kerry writes 03/31/99

Gold Star! A path of footprints
left to wash away by night
I will remember

The poet comments, "I don't know what my favorite color is."

Def Face@aol.com writes 03/31/99

I Like To Bellypet
You Filthy Muppet Head
lawn chairs are tasty

The poet comments, "My e-mail is above, so if you like my Haiku, e-mail me. Thanks"

Eternal writes 03/31/99

Take your first deep breath,
See life with innocent eyes,
What world do you see?

The poet comments, "What do you see?"

3751 writes 03/31/99

Blackened night I die,
Patiently in to the night,
I give me away

Joe Asberry writes 03/31/99

meadow lark chirping
and full moon through bare branches
conspire to win praise

The poet comments, "The one who warms my heart the most Is Issa."

Thousand of wings
blast a shower of yellow leaves.
Startled black birds fly.

The poet comments, "Basho is the greatest! (maybe)"

Pat Grantt writes 03/31/99

Gold Star! Strident as the gusts
Of springtime's fickle laughter...
Shattered shards of snow.

The poet comments, "Woke to cold winds and icy snow - spring is such a fickle thing."

Inkstone Foam writes 03/31/99

double x signpost
uncrossed tracks of the tundra
next sign anchorage

breakfast shredded wheat
compost bale for the garden
now where's my shovel?

Ashlie's Mother writes 03/31/99

More beautiful than
the eyes and hands of others
why call this Down's?

The poet comments, "my daughter is differently abled and I am amazed when others do not see her apparent beauty"

Brandon writes 03/30/99

your hands are so smooth
your lips are as soft as silk
your eyes shine like stars

The poet comments, "my opinion on my lovefriend"

Gold Star! i thought i knew you
but when i got to know you
i was through with you

The poet comments, "a bitter love for another"

Inkstone Foam writes 03/30/99


Joyna writes 03/30/99

the cruel rain falls down
adding tears to crushed feelings
..and stinging my face

Stuart Reed writes 03/30/99

Perfectly quiet
Person who never makes a
Sound, other than sound.

The poet comments, "The above is called 'The Musician' "

Mallik Bulusu writes 03/30/99

a doctor and his
patient went to the same
medical school

The poet comments, "they specialized different flavours of medicine....."

Murf Smurf writes 03/30/99

Look at the little girl
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so pretty
She is a guy!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!

The poet comments, "Transexual"

My plume has no ankle writes 03/30/99

Look at the wildebeast
Beat it with the stick
Lots and lots of BUCK FUTTER

The return of Idiot Boy.

Stupid Muppets writes 03/30/99

Gold Star! monkey heads are great
the brick wall ate my sister
my mom is paper

The poet comments, "e-mail me if you like my Haiku "

Tony's Boy writes 03/29/99


seventh year you rest
the Father gave that to you,
Gods earth, he sure loves


used as a weapon
way too much, you awesome thing
this water, we love


touch me and pass on,
gentle, sometimes terrible,
ahh memories, wind


fire demands looks,
you reduce all to ashes,
got my attention

The poet comments, "haikus about the 4 elements"

Jim-Ski Rock Ho writes 03/29/99

blindfolded and gagged
stuffed full of ebony beef
black anal gang rape

Toast Point would call this racist and homophobic, but he cannot tell whether the poet is decrying or celebrating his subject.

Destiny writes 03/29/99

I am a monkey
I can swing from tree to tree
I like to eat bugs

The poet comments, "I love my monkey"

Cynthia Leonard writes 03/29/99

I, Cynthia am
Very lonely without my
Best friends beside me

The poet comments, "To my ex-best friends Angelica and Debbie"

Neil Albea writes 03/29/99

The fish is swimming
Upside down in the water
I think it is dead

Once upon a time,
Computer simulations
Caused a sensation.

Gravel voices grind
Words like stones in mills grind wheat
As white as a sheet.

Stuart Reed writes 03/29/99

Sporting a goatee
The villain was outvoted
By his evil looks.

The poet comments, "These are called 'If I Were A Miller Grinding'"

We love illusion.
We have institutions that
Hate institutions.

Athletes pay the price
For this sporting life, having
Muscles on the mind.

We all get scared when
Told to prepare for daring
Hair-raising exploits.

Cut the cant. Cut to
The chase. Stop beating bushes
All over the place.

Roll up, enrol. Make
Dying for your country your
Patriotic goal.

Muscle relaxants
Stimulate momentary

Verbatim reports
Are a primary source for

Shot down in flames and
In considerable pain
His heart broke in twain.

Moderation in
All things takes moderation
To extreme extremes.

Distinct impressions
Left by dinosaur paws have
Fossilised with time.

Points of view point an
Accusing finger at the
Holder of the view.

Jenny writes 03/29/99

Gold Star! A dream come true - love,
I must be very cautious,
Potential nightmare

Love - what a riot,
It doesn't really exist,
Just lust in disguise

Look at our planet,
Reflecting our self image,
Of no importance

Living without peace,
Is only dying slowly,
Enjoy your short time

Akasha writes 03/29/99

Gold Star! Oh Persuasive One!!
desire melts denial
at your silken tongue

Mr. Bogengales writes 03/29/99

You are warrior?
Warriors are big, mean, hairy.
You are dachsund, eh?

I like big butts
you have one NO?
The ball is in the socket BUCK FUTTER

The poet comments, " What is a plume? Made By Brad Lurch"

Try again, idiot.

Some doofus writes 03/29/99

WOW, that's a walrus.
That ape is big Craig Stadler.
Earnissie is Batman.

The poet comments, " Brad is a huge ape, he will get wicked on your butthole"

Ryan McFarlane writes 03/29/99

Poems are for fags
And fags take it up the ass
They also suck cock

Toast Point comments that, content aside, it's definitely a haiku...

T writes 03/29/99

in the little shop
treasure for this landlocked lass
seaglass by the pound

a wineglass, a candle
his book on gravitation
by our bed

Gold Star! late afternoon cool
soft rustling of hooves in tall grass
elk grazing

___ThisThing___63 writes 03/28/99

Winds intensified
rawly opened elements
Spring's inconstancy.

soothing April winds
elbowing transportation
routes, via Spring's scents

Michael T writes 03/28/99

Gold Star! Dog runs back and forth
Stops to look, "Are you watching?"
Dog runs back and forth

Forsythia now
Just beginning to yellow
Nostalgia sets in

Colors twist and flap
Flags snap smartly in high wind
Blossoms shoot from trees

L. Hynds submits 03/28/99

Snow yet remaining
Mountain slopes are misty
An evening in spring

Gold Star! White bright snow
Resting on pine trees
Oh, winter day!

Gold Star! A deserted dirt road
Grey sky against tall bare trees
Fog covering all

On a clear pool
The roots stretch
And the rock sits silently

The poet comments, "I'm a teacher in alternative education and I'm submitting some poems from students who wanted to enter the contest."

Stuart Reed writes 03/28/99

Carnival brio.
Rio de Janeirio.
April in Brazil.

Poinsettias at
Christmas are a crisply bright
Sight for sore eyes.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Smell The Word'"

Did you dig deep, Doug?
Deep enough to find the slug
Buried in the corpse?

A literary device
To trip off the tongue.

Sands of time in hour
Glasses are singularly
Counting by falling.

Prick up your ear lobes,
Like a German shepherd who
Senses a burglar.

Form follows function.
Critical usage should be
Ergonomical. Your hops. Thieves in the night may
Elude the hop cops.

A dime a dozen.
Nineteen to the dozen. And
A baker's dozen.

Ogee arches curve,
Though I'll grant you it sounds as
Though ogees would swerve.

Gold Star! I keep my needles
In an etui. An etui
Is a twee handbag.

Joyna writes 03/28/99

Gold Star! I miss you so much...
so put your arms around me,
and wish I was there.

Bakai writes 03/27/99

Nothing much to show
For a life so blithely spent
Some cigarette ash

Soft yielding flower
In my hand, your hot blooming
On my lips, your blush

Some fables we cast
soar, poignant, on gilded wings
'til they hit the fan

Small bird, broken wing
Hopping south with hopeful heart
Traffic does not stop

Earl Edward Bates writes 03/27/99

such serenity
from the essence of these thoughts
comes the sound of rain

Mindy writes 03/27/99

Trembling in the breeze
I move from the shade of trees
into the sunlight.

He arrives at night
when all is silent and dark-
his springtime habit.

My trust is shattered
in the course of one cold night
and I am alone.

Gold Star! I wish this baby
could feel my joyous smile
as I welcome Spring.

Inkstone Foam writes 03/27/99

such lovely trinkets
small change from the register
eye winks from the clerk

Bakai writes 03/26/99

time to lick our wounds
hurl our swords into the sea...
time to count the dead

Gold Star! so full of my heat...
this bursting of joy into
the center of you

lasted a minute
the best minute of your life
is what I told her

moments before sleep
echoes of our rutting song
and the laughing moon

Gold Star! first, the easy part--
cupid's arrow finds your heart.
then comes the hard part.

I bought the big lie.
It came with a smile and a
lifetime warranty.

yer lips been flappin'
yappin' 'bout some god knows what...
I ain't listenin'

The poet comments, "Thoughts from an old man with writer's cramp."

Elaine Cleveland writes 03/26/99

February dusk
five deer walking single file
through suburban yards

Gold Star! February day
clouds pile up like icebergs
in the northern sky

Yvonne Cabalona writes 03/26/99

outside her window
inside --- Spring Fever!!

haikuPunteur writes 03/26/99

the German extra
was banned from Schindler's List's set
a case of bad Achtung

Gold Star! You said it's Chile
despite the tropical sun
and I Bolivia

from the silver moon
comes a heavenly dessert
called eclair de lune

Stuart Reed writes 03/26/99

Mr. Muscular
But delicate hero makes
A move on the girl.

The poet comments, "These are haiku written whilst milking cows and are called 'Gluteus Maximus'"

Eating worms is an
Expression of depression.
Better to eat pills.

Are you plain, pretty
Awful? So be remorseless,
So be resourceful.

Primary colours,
Pretty, proper, prim and clean,
Do not include green.

Obviously, our
Is temporary.

Bottled messages
Bob along currents that will
Carry them to shore.

Mendicants saw off their legs
Then beg for money.

Turbulence troubles
The not really pacific
Pacific ocean.

Could you repeat it,
Please, parrot. Reiterate,
Or regurgitate.

Nicholas the Tsar
Liked a sleigh bell ride in his
Pretty troika.

Roadkill writes 03/26/99

That won't no speed bump
Watch where I'm going dammit...
Y'almost made me wreck!

Ghost writes 03/26/99

Ghost wind in my mind
views of times gone by past remembered
turning back toghosts past

The poet comments, "What happens now?"

___ThisThing___63 writes 03/26/99

Panther's stalking prey
ebony filled silence moves
walks on edge of time.

Violets became page
in photo album, pressed flat.
Ordered memories.

Bakai writes 03/26/99

stillness in the room
just a heartbeat keeping time
to a distant song

lads with a tickle
lasses with laughter and hope
discovering spring

echoes of romance
forlorn bed of scattered ash
forever's embers

held fast by your eyes
lost in primordial heat...
at last, overcome

Nandkumar writes 03/26/99

Single lip
the crescent moon.

Ryan McFarlane writes 03/26/99

The green grass is growing
The butterflies are blooming
waiting to be free

Nandkumar writes 03/25/99

In the middle
of the brook
a cigarette butt floats

The gun that destroyed
the whole world
still has a bullet left.

The multi-storeyed building
the crow that comes flying and landing on an antenna
is lame.

The wind that enters the flute
exists as such

In the remote space
a bird walks
with its wings spread.

The dusty window glass
of the car
a haiku on it.

On a power-cut night
when everyone loses temper
I'm reminded of a haiku.

Gold Star! The sound of the fan revolving stops
The sound of the clock ticking

While everybody else is preparing for
the forthcoming exams
I'm writing a haiku.

At the strike
of a stone
the pond flowers.

The two legs of the child come flying
over the dew drops laden
green grass park.

Inkstone Foam writes 03/25/99

fingerprints prodded along
god sparks the chapel

The poet comments, "here, neither the word god nor the word michaelangelo should be capitalized. threw out my copy of strunk and white's "Elements of Style" years ago. the phrase, "coltranes addiction", as written connotates both the descriptive idea that coltrane is addiction, hence, the edited "Coltrane's addiction" as well as the re-echoing of the previous phrase "ellingtons shot of coltrane." coltrane re-emphasized for effect. ellington took his shot, or maybe his shot pierced his wiggling earthworm vien, who knows. possibly it just flowed out as a duality while listening to his, i.e. ellington's, compostion "a small purple flower" an agonizing groaner of a piece devoted to, not inspired by, coltrane's addiction. who knows? yet duke wrote the notes. i like seeing drops of miscellaneous paint spotting around in visual and verbal compostions, it's freshness reveals the path of creativity, or lack thereof. also threw out my copy of Hyakawa's "Language in Thought and Action" yet choose to live by the adage that "the word is not the thing" only: characters, pixels, words, letters, efforts. e-nuf railing. capitals are simply not selected by choice. "

Toast Point is speechless, and thus moves on...

moses the juggler
marlowe lies dead for these words!
a few dusty rocks

Joyna writes 03/25/99

your house to my house...
it seems like eternity...
roll out the sidewalks!

haikuPunteur writes 03/25/99

how is it that dear
Mary Kay became pregnant?
because Max Factor

Stuart Reed writes 03/25/99

I don't deviate
From strict moral attitudes.
I'm straight but not crude.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Lullaby For Noah'"

Having been accused
Of losing my innocence,
How could I not lie?

Is the marimba
A glorified glockenspiel,
With timber for steel?

The alliance shifts,
Creating rifts which even
Large rafts cannot cross.

Noah had an ark,
With, presumably, toilets
For the animals.

Mount Ararat sat
Smugly on the horizon.
And Noah chewed ghat.

Get a load of that,
He said to Mrs. Noah,
Adjusting his hat.

She was knitting him
A sweater made of yak wool.
Clickety clack knit.

Needles made of bone,
Sharpened on a honing stone.
Sturdy but piercing.

The pattern would be
Primitive, dyes not having
Yet been invented.

Roberta Taussig writes 03/25/99

Gold Star! Cherry trees blossom.
My heart, a stone, sees only
Winter's bare branches.

Inkstone Foam writes 03/25/99

Kosovo stillness
adhesive layers of filth
child with no band-aid

Nandkumar writes 03/25/99

On a sweaty
summer night
A sudden cool breeze.

The Van comes speeding
The crow crosses the street

On a power-cut night
only the sound of

Their feet slip and slide on the mosaic floor
Two sparrows that have
come inside my home.

The wind
shuffles my hair
I comb them again.

Gold Star! The sound of a
telephone ringing
from a locked house.

TRVTH Schutte writes 03/24/99

Tears fall down down down
on my windshield from very
high in the blue sky

The poet comments, "This Haiku is entitled "God is Crying""

Matt Duncan writes 03/24/99

Alone, we are small.
Specs of dust in time and space.
Sharing, infinite.

The poet comments, "Whoops, forgot seasonal reference..."

___ThisThing___63 writes 03/24/99

Love for you has turned
Hate-brought hurt subsides slowly
Indifference reigns.

Yvonne Cabalona writes 03/24/99

ah Spring ---
blossoms popcorns
filling bare branches

Inkstone Foam writes 03/24/99

even in moonlight
the freeway's never sleeping
vile honking headlights

Jodeho writes 03/24/99

There are no questions.
Shut up and eat your answers!
Cruncha, cruncha, crunch...

Loisseau writes 03/24/99

Poem to the sun,
who wants you as much as your
heart and skin can bear.

Anonymous writes 03/24/99

If I was a Nazi
I would cut off my viner
I have to many

pot head
smokes a lot of doja
likes getting high

green smells great
i love weed

The poet comments, "i like drugs alot"

Toast Point comments that it shows.

Shawn Michael Pickle writes 03/24/99

Fall into my eyes
Ride the rapid eye movement

The poet comments, "Flames control the dances of our shadows. Keep the fire burning."

Books are burning black
Ashes float into my lungs
Death by paperback

The poet comments, "Lick the air with a slow, shameless lap."

Inkstone Foam writes 03/23/99

fearing a mudslide
chose to live off the coaster
bring a daiquiri

Joyna writes 03/23/99

the waves glide smoothly
the trees whisper in hushed tones
and I am at peace

Shad B. Ewart writes 03/23/99

On-Line Fashion Show
It gives new meaning to:
Streaming Video

The poet comments, "Written when I saw the Vicky's Secret Soooper Bowl Advertisement"

Three Inches of Ash
Hanging from a Crusty Lip
Blue Hair and Gray Skin

The poet comments, "Written while in AC, NJ presenting a paper"

Enough Punishment?
Hopefully, A Lesson Learned:
Don't Bite Your Baby!!

The poet comments, "Marv Albert- Heeeeeeeee's back"

Bruce Hobbs writes 03/23/99

In youth of old age
He sits by the ancient tree
An apple bud opens

Yvonne Cabalona writes 03/23/99

through the depth
and breadth of night . . .

Anonymous writes 03/23/99

klu klux klan
they are my friends
i'm from the black panthers

The poet comments, " i hate poetry"

There are four strange apes
Jacob has three testicles
Jackie Chan is cool

The poet comments, "title:3 nuts"

The monkey is loose in my pants
Beat it Beat it harder harder
I love japanese movies and the people!

The poet comments, " Fraum De plome de monkey spank"

John Naismith got game
He made basketball for Logan
Logan is retarded

Toast Point comments that his contest is so easy, any idiot can enter.

Arkady Elterman writes 03/23/99

returning rental car
without ever knowing
what make it was

___ThisThing___63 writes 03/23/99

Hard to remember
Whether I remember, or
Whether I was told.

The poet comments, "Three is a long way from 63."

Mallik Bulusu writes 03/22/99

in a race between high
speed computing and my impatience
the later won and lost

The poet comments, "high speed computers are killing my impatience at times. "

Laura Dadd writes 03/22/99

I waver into love's realm
I do not belong

Under gentle smiles
Lurks crushing brutality
It can't stop tulips

RGBerard writes 03/22/99

Gold Star! Drivers unseeing
Early spring critters crossing:
Crows' morning delight

Stuart Reed writes 03/22/99

All the harried get
Carried away all the time.
Needles in haystacks.

Presumed innocent,
The accused looked guilty of
Being unshaven.

Are you in danger
Of disappearing up your
Most secret rectum?

The loafer loaths work.
He loves to shirk. He's often
Seen in a T-shirt.

Tattoos emblazoned
On a muscle flex. What they
Flex will fluctuate.

Did dirty duty
Leave you not smelling mighty
Like a rose? Who knows?

I'll spray myself with
Anti-putrid olfactants.
I'll neutralise me.

Tenderstorm writes 03/21/99

a single star peeped
from the velvet folds of night
and winked at the moon

Stuart Reed writes 03/21/99

I like to cherish
Small thoughts that otherwise would
Rapidly perish.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Ain't Misbehaving'"

Recurring themes bore
The dreamer who yawns in his
Sleep, impolitely.

Very little verse
Makes it passed the pursed lips of
Prim politicians.

We have to look as
Though we know and so go to
Barbers for haircuts.

Conclusions reached with
Too little evidence breach
Laws of decency.

Sensations summon
Strength from experiences,
As do most senses.

Making sensible
Contributions leaves no room
For contradictions.

Insensate but not
Insensitive, the sleeper
Wakes to a tickle.

Lullabies lull our
Children into a false sense
Of security.

Generations gape
At identifiable
Generation gaps.

Inkstone Foam writes 03/21/99

colored horizon
one ripe tomato drops plump
daybreak explosion

frozen white egret
crack! hard bent legs scratch and claw
rivers split in two

The poet comments, "spring break-up in montana"

___ThisThing___63 writes 03/20/99

Trees waving farewell
Winter's white's gone out of style
Pastels are in - Spring!

The poet comments, "Happy Spring"

Michael T. writes 03/20/99

Tireless shape shifters.
First one thing then another.
Clouds. People also.

New layer of green
Soft on the promising mud
Down on a boy's cheek

Enormous old tree
How many rings inside you?
Mine are worn on the outside.

Gold Star! Suddenly the snow
Falling heavily and wet.
The groundhog was wrong.

Like kindling the trees
Of late winter stand ready
For the fires of spring.

Inkstone Foam writes 03/20/99

forbidden moonlight
falls layer upon layer
new seed of grasses

stampeding horses
half round sound of reasoning
wheat frightens the chaff

plump with drenching thirst
new seedling watermelons
bursting through the dirt

The poet comments, "triplet: blossoming of teenage spring"

Dancer writes 03/20/99

Shadows on your face
Hiding tears in the darkness
Seek the sun for me

George writes 03/20/99

Gold Star! Married yesterday
Sold Brittanica today
Wife knows everything

___ThisThing___63 writes 03/20/99

Tulips and lilies
Beauty indoctrination
Spring by the bushel.

Yellow, blue
White scents for spring
sweet violets.

Blooming, yet unseen
Hidden pleasures, shared treasures
Flowers dressed in spring.

Giving someone a
Mind-piece is like throwing chaff
Retrieval is rare.

Mind-piece flown
Without substantial

Chaff on wind
Is flown.


Paul Conneally writes 03/20/99

my daughter laughing
hair blowing in the spring breeze
more like mum each day

The poet comments, "Today it felt like spring - me and my daughter walking in the park - sunshine, rain, daffodils, a light breeze and my daughters smile."

Vicky Yu writes 03/20/99

No gap or distance
Can block you out of my thoughts.
My presence? With you.

Stuart Reed writes 03/20/99

We built a hi-tech
Castle of sand with a lo-
Tech bucket and spade.

The poet comments, "These are called 'All The King's Horse'"

News coming out of
Africa and Bosnia
Depresses Asia.

Humpty Dumpty had
A great fall and all the king's
Horse cackled withal.

Don't prevaricate.
Don't procrastinate. Don't be
A liar who's late.

Once I was sturdy,
Though at the time I felt like
A hurdy gurdy.

Jellied eels and pig's
Trotters. I am disgusted
By your gustation.

Pork in the belly,
Beef on the hoof. All of our foods
Come under one roof.

Strike while the iron
Is relatively warm. Brand
The bovine's tanned hide.

If I had whiskers
Like Dali, I'd have painted
Pictures like Dali.

The crow says caw. The
Parrot, on the other hand,
Iterates once more.

Iye Matsu-san writes 03/19/99

No man writes haiku
When he is madly in love!
Nothing is small enough!

Haikusmith writes 03/19/99

great rock wall faces
sing songs taught by desert wind
sand snake slithers by

Stuart Reed writes 03/19/99

Comprehensive clues
To future use can be found
In current abuse.

The poet comments, "These are haiku written whilst milking cows and are called 'Sites On The Web'"

Even being bound,
We seek a way around the
Freedom we have found.

Local patriots
Earn a lot of praise on the
Pages of tabloids.

Be a breath of fresh
Air and blow away stale cares.
Bring me fresh worries.

Guessing correctly
Needs luck, either directly
Or indirectly.

No one's more pleased than
Nominated electees,
Appointed to boards.

Obvious choices
Are made on the basis of
Being underpaid.

Peacocks howl like cats.
Did you know that? It's a most
Unusual fact.

Especially in
The peacock mating season,
Which springs up in spring.

Large birds with urges.
Peacocks in heat. Huge tails that
Fan out and compete.

Sean writes 03/19/99

gliding through the skies
the hawk searches for a meal
majestic beauty

the shimmering stars
call to me throughout the night
defying the dawn

killing rain forests
man destroys everything here
the earth weeps softly

Inkstone Foam writes 03/18/99

subtle red pinstripes
allure of a well dressed trout
bragging at dinner

well-jewelled watch face
both pointed hands stand on end
eternity circles

Spring writes 03/18/99

Little flower
resting upon the hill
winter is over

The Convivial Codfish writes 03/18/99

yellow-green birds
perched on the tips of branches--
new leaves

Gold Star! at my feet,
the tiny blue flowers
I can not name

Michael Maiello writes 03/18/99

Long Island April
pavement drowned in morning snow
worlds on maple leaves

Joyna writes 03/18/99

tear drop slowly falls,
.and not hurriedly either!
for past misgivings.

the lamp gives us light
we enjoy it...and we don't
..in early mornings.

The dew freshly formed,
while walking down lovers' lane
in early mornings.

Essence writes 03/18/99

wind rustles through leaves
gentle, whispering beauty
tell me your secrets

The poet comments, "I had Zen in mind when I wrote this"

Steven E. Davies writes 03/18/99

Taxes are due soon.
No deductions or credits,
I leave the country.

The poet comments, "Thanks you to the IRS for the inspiration."

Bran and prune danish,
Phillips Milk of Magnesia,
Today I must sit.

The poet comments, "Sponsored by the Power of Cheese"

Nice tie and blue shirt,
I'll need to take in the slacks.
I close the casket.

The poet comments, "My answer to all those that inquire as to the origins of my wardrobe."

Mallik Bulusu writes 03/18/99

it takes same time
to brew a pint of wine
as that of a barrel

it takes more time
to brew a pint of wine
than to drink it

Haikusmith writes 03/18/99

hear forest sprites buzz
greeting me in darkest night
pass mosquito spray

slicing through melon
troubled sleep of toss 'n turn
awake with headache

in relationships
keyboard my silent partner
summer, winter, spring fall

Sarah writes 03/18/99

Gold Star! The weeping willow
lays down its melancholy
and joins the new dance.

The poet comments, "Okay, so it is a metaphor for myself. Changes, new beginnings, CARPE DIEM, amen"

___ThisThing___63 writes 03/18/99

Winter's strong last fight
Spring's picture-filled memories
Being outvoted.

Stuart Reed writes 03/18/99

Furbies have replaced
Tamagochis. I must say
That dolls have evolved.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Fat, Square Cat'"

A reputation
For not being talkative
Only slowly grows.

Callous calorie
Counters cannot see the sheer
Luxury of fat.

If we had had some
Idea, we wouldn't have
Roped such a bum steer.

Look at loquacious
Liquid-tongued orators. They
Sure know how to speak.

Living on a knife
Edge made Evil Knievel
Feel he had an edge.

Stuffy kids were stuffed
Into jumpers. Looking stuffed.
Feeling disgruntled.

There has to be a
Hysterectomy, said the
Feminist movement.

Cultural chaos
Is, fortunately, what we
Moderns can boast of.

Lost in Alaska.
Naked in Nebraska. Black
In Alabama.

Pat Grantt writes 03/17/99

Curling onion skins
Discarded fragile armour
My portent of tears.

Picked before their time
Not tempered by the first frost -
Just more sour grapes.

Gold Star! Warmth steals softly by
Past springtime's chilly edges -
Leaving no footprints

Circe calls to me
with a howl of hungry wolves -
I reply sou ee

Joyna writes 03/17/99

I am not normal
in that everlasting way
but I mean, who is?

Gold Star! the goldfish jumps out!
free at last! ...but then sees
there is no water.

Christel writes 03/17/99

Gold Star! Hurry to the sea
the sun is running away
watch the colors fade.

Iye Matsu-san writes 03/17/99

White pear blossom falls.
Bared branch touched by garden's tear.
Alas! Dead bonsai!

The poet comments, "I watched a single petal fall along a branch of a beloved pine bonsai that had died. Poop."

Sean Lause writes 03/17/99

Firefly, here, there
Advertises himself
He's open all night

She loves you
Yeah, yeah, yeah
----Beatle Cicadas

Gold Star! My son's Godzilla
Steps on a crayon
In shock and dismay

Gold Star! Lobster for sale
They have taped both your claws shut
And yet you bless them

Old men on the porch
Faces as creased as their shoes
Rock the sunset home

Subway pulls away
A boy in one window
Waves to each of us

My greying father
shuts his eyes, shakes his head
recalling a word

Thunker writes 03/17/99

my steed of misdeed
sir surmounts spritedly
grazing runimante

Stuart Reed writes 03/17/99

Subtle deflections
In natural selection
Led Darwin astray.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Jumping The Jester'"

Believe of others
What you believe of yourself.
You won't go far wrong.

After all, who but we
Know just how low we and
Our egos can go?

Varied versions vie
For credibility and

Gerry Mulligan's
Growling baritone coloured
What became my youth.

Under the correct
Circumstances, every leaf,
Though static, dances.

The interregnum
Was neither here nor there. It
Was going nowhere.

Jolly jester jousts
With a serious frame of mind.
It's an unkind job.

Picture sacrifice
As a bloody way to prise
Love from hungry gods.

War between brothers,
In some peculiar way,
Satisfies mothers.

Internal speech is
Obvious only to the
Inner, hidden ear.

Mallik Bulusu writes 03/17/99

Gold Star! a big bag may be
holding a smaller object
than a small one

The poet comments, "At times inferences are misleading."

The Convivial Codfish writes 03/17/99

Gold Star! rising from their
carefully tended grounds--
a dandelion

black against Spring green--
the morning sun reveals a
young cat eating grass

Lynn Kolenich writes 03/17/99

Indigo evening
Golden lights in your wide eyes
Passion's fire I see

Gold Star! Moon in the morning
Competes with the bright new sun
For my attention

Laura Dadd writes 03/16/99

Zepherus' warm breath
Unlocks the hidden treasure
Of winter's jewels

The poet comments, "Inspired by the third song in the Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. My choir sang the whole thing last christmas."

Iye Matsu-san writes 03/16/99

Gold Star! Hurled by wild winds,
Glittering sea foam, white gulls--
Smashing, sparkling shards!

Fallon writes 03/16/99

o'er broad rainless plain
patience wheels on a hot wind
until death provide

one day a man drowned,
after three days, he floated,
and he walked away.

Mallik Bulusu writes 03/16/99

the branches of
a tree are never a
burden to itself

Inkstone Foam writes 03/16/99

boatman don't hurry
bending oars breezeless water
mountain reflections

Fallon writes 03/15/99

Gold Star! great thunderous yawn,
arise, away my village,
Fujiami wakes!

black moon then silver,
the constellations' cadence,
twelve within a year

countless sand dollars
scattered on the sandy strand,
beachcomber's wages.

Joyna writes 03/15/99

the waterless chasms...
..the valleys and deep oceans
the sun..always rises.

such daunt poems, such as:
Quote the raven, "Nevermore"
Poor Poe went insane

Somayajulu Bulusu writes 03/15/99

Strongest of chains
is less stronger than
its weakest links

The poet comments, "relatively. "

haikuPunteur writes 03/15/99

somebody yelled: flee!
flea said: you talking to me?
then flea ceased to be

Lakers are dewormed
some are surprised, some amused
but not really Shaqed

Stuart Reed writes 03/15/99

We were expecting
Speculation, so guesses
Came as no surprise.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Sandy Shore'"

Instant versus slow.
Well now, everybody knows
That that's no contest.

Raindrops finally
Falling to the earth give birth
To growth, greenery.

A wash and brush up
Never went astray half way
Up the motorway.

Dreamt I was dancing.
Beautiful movements with a
Rhythmic fluency.

Triffids drifted out
Of the blue into sixties'
Literary view.

Catch him if you can.
He's either in the frying
Pan or in the fire, man.

Having read, marked, learned
And inwardly digested,
I still don't get it.

Swayed by wayward sects,
Some lesser lights took with great
Delight to group sex.

Tendentious trophies
Hang on baronial walls,
Staring down the guests.

We perpetuate
What we are duty bound to

kristeng2 writes 03/15/99

The beautiful sun
I watch you slip far away
Fading like a dream

Jennifer Nicole writes 03/15/99

The rain falls with a
steady splatter to the ground
heeding to no one.

Yvonne Cabalona writes 03/15/99

midnight ---
the windchimes, too,
mark the hour

Morgan writes 03/15/99

Autumn, about five
o'clock, the workers leave and
point their cranes eastward.

Inkstone Foam writes 03/14/99

new seasonal rain
hard off wall sliding torrent
Piazza's on third

Land writes 03/14/99

land is to play on
and some is to build on too
and its beautiful.

The poet comments, "good peom not."

Animals writes 03/14/99

animals there cute
there are cuddly one too.
some live in a zoo

The poet comments, "it mite be stupid we just learn them in school"

___ThisThing___63 writes 03/14/99

Stars that shone so bright
Outwatted by eyes' sparkle
And, of course, your smile.

The poet comments, "You're in love! Must be spring!"

Kilby Watson writes 03/13/99

Beautiful clear sky
so silky and blue
wishing I were there.

Tenderstorm writes 03/13/99

Gold Star! bright butterfly wings
applauding the flowers that
the warm spring sun brings

one classy lady
who, upon turning fifty,
just begins to bloom

The poet comments, "For my dear friend, Yvonne."

Sahar Hakakian writes 03/13/99

White, moist and gentle
Forms with glistening dew drops
Whispers in the night

The poet comments, "Take a deep breath, it's life."

Stuart Reed writes 03/13/99

Questionable quests,
Undertaken with zest, give
Crusaders no rest.

The poet comments, "And these are called 'Worthwhile.'"

On the defensive,
He had added incentive
To be offensive.

Venturing abroad,
Xenophobes discover hordes.
Swarthy, sordid hordes.

Battered, blood-spattered,
The warrior was flattered
By pats on the back.

Grubby fingers grab
At maggot-infested slabs
Of meat. Rubbish heap.

Talk to me only
With thine eyes. Wink once for yes,
Two for no, Greensleeves.

Journeyman poet
Posits the proposition
'Travel is mental.'

Rhyl's broad esplanade's
A fitting introduction
To the Atlantic.

Quick-fire telling quips
Are like machine gun fire from
Tragi-comic lips.

I couldn't have put
It better myself, so I'll
Shelve it for later.

Inkstone Foam writes 03/12/99

King Tutankhamun
alabaster canopics
ritual vessels

now in the knapsack
take the camel with sidebags
ritual vessels

so many headstones
fast past city of the dead
ritual vessels

new Cairo airport
passport questioned with Uzis
ritual vessels

jets on the skyline
Chrysler building my hourglass
ritual vessels

false bottom suitcase
unaccosted by customs
ritual vessels

JFK cabbie
manhattan, take the tunnel
ritual vessels

back in the burough
hey babe pour me a whiskey
ritual vessels

restless two red eyes
make a bag full of money
ritual vessels

damn travel channel
throw the remote in the trash
ritual vessels!

The poet comments, "glad you don't post more than ten ritual vessels"

Stuart Reed writes 03/12/99

You are not alone
Feeling very much alone
When you're in a crowd.

Gold Star! The freedom to be
Stupid isn't given to
The lucid, sadly.

Local conditions,
Globally duplicated,
Homogenise worlds.

A load off my mind
Fell into the gutter and
Gurgled with delight.

Depeche Mode, Spandau
Ballet, ten years after sound
A little silly.

Alles is in ordnung in
Shipshape Germany.

Doubts assail even
The stoutest because mostly
There's no holy grail.

A lumbering oaf
Loafs around, doing more harm
Than good, I'll be bound.

Hanging from wooden
Hangers, well-tailored suits look
Better when on men.

Instrumental in
Being continental, the
French butter croissants.

haikuPunteur writes 03/12/99

were America
a monarchy, would Clinton
be the lyin' king?

Arkady Elterman writes 03/12/99

Gold Star! memories of home
two hour line to get in
a fast food restaurant

The poet comments, "first Moscow McDonald's"

Inkstone Foam writes 03/12/99

Gold Star! loblolly pine heads
gold burst forming cone breakers
overflow east Texas

"small purple flower"
Ellington's shot of Coltrane
Coltrane's addiction

Vesper writes 03/12/99

Staring at my eyes,
I see who I really am
The truth amidst the lies.

The poet comments, ": )"

D. Reeves writes 03/11/99

Cold fate tugs heartstrings
Long shadows mask youth long lost
Winter drifts softly.

The poet comments, "For T."

Mistletoe writes 03/11/99

Gold Star! Beneath mistletoe
He shuts his eyes and kisses
My best friend instead

The poet comments, "true so very very true"

Laura Dadd writes 03/11/99

The time grows greater
Yet, I can still feel your breath
Hot upon my neck.

In the deep darkness
Winter gathered its forces
Sudden fury broke

Joyna writes 03/11/99

we are worlds apart
so that it is hard to reach
that place called Heaven

the mermaid lures them
and they listen with great awe...
until the ship sinks.

Chloe Russo writes 03/11/99

Neverending hedge
Move in every direction
Labyrinth maze

Grimace writes 03/11/99

Gold Star! Hungry chihuahua
It is not funk-a-licious
Only crunchy or soft

Toastie writes 03/11/99

We like to hit balls
We like to hit hockey balls
Field hockey, that is

The poet comments, "We really love the sport of field hockey!"

Iye Matsu-san writes 03/11/99

Here again in snow
Wand'ring lost in pine and sky
This time I will stay

Morgan writes 03/11/99

A minuet's silence.
The crowd stare at the flag, that
drops, and will not fly.

Inkstone Foam writes 03/10/99

from Gila hot springs
sore ambitions come and go
healed heat of demons

Issa's haiku was
"Don't worry spiders, I keep
house, casually!" Gold Star!

Issa's failure
new spiders everywhere
set up housekeeping

Toast Point saw that one in the subway, liked it. For those of you who haven't been to New York lately, for several years, they've been putting little poems up among the annoying ads - quite refreshing during nasty commutes.

Sean writes 03/10/99

lying on a rock
the snake suns itself all day
soon to be a belt

The poet comments, "Title: the snake "

Heater writes 03/10/99

Annoying sounds
A person's tired breathing
Warmth like the sun

Sean Lehman writes 03/10/99

The leaf breaks its grip
to catch a swift autumn breeze -
ripples reach the shore

The poet comments, "observations encouraged."

Ed Shustack writes 03/10/99

Gold Star! God in Heaven knows
Earth has become a toilet
Ready for His flush

Morgan writes 03/10/99

A gentle applause.
Somewhere, not far, a cold wind
fluffs a crow's feathers.

Inkstone Foam writes 03/09/99

withered bananas
fingers chewing through stewed rice
gray strands of white hair

Haikusmith writes 03/09/99

in midst of odd new leap-year
finding two full moons of March
while February had none

Spring- soils buoy
flowering blooms for all to know
gardener's true joy

The poet comments, "Inspired by the line "---the rose blooms for all to know---". Satisfied in the thought that all may have knowledge of 'the rose' be they richly appointed or naught."

Joyna writes 03/09/99

Gold Star! The lonely rosebush
enduring her pregnant state
of ripening buds.

To those who call me,
begging for my forgiveness
which I cannot give.

Gold Star! the angels shrieking,
when the garden of Eden
has been discovered

Captemmett writes 03/09/99

See the lush green grass
It provides the perfect spot
For relaxation

The poet comments, "This is one of my fist attempts at writing a haiku."

Heather writes 03/09/99

mi amorcito
siempre vive en mi...
en mi corazon

The poet comments, "my love,
you will always live in my...
in my heart."

hey whats up joyna!
hope you get the job at camp.
get it? a joke! ha!

The poet comments, "I was just messin with my friend joyna. Hope she will find humor in this!!"

Inkstone Foam writes 03/08/99

early-two tussle
which twig will top the new nest
no-sleep coverlet

deep creek fish willows
grand unfettered diplomats
wet tennies and jeans

stick figure walking
leathered leaves defiled astride
apples still inside

The poet comments, "all copyright B. Buettner 1999"

Fallon writes 03/08/99

Gold Star! sad, this empty nest
mother fox feeding her young
as mother crane weeps

haikusmith writes 03/08/99

oh, this darkening night
I, needing a rhyme spun right
please cast your spell my way

The poet comments, "To 'Sloopy', hang on."

Stuart Reed writes 03/08/99

Debussy's moonlight
Seems to have been lucid in
A very French way.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Claire De Lune'"

Felons in the night
Made off with every penny,
Stuffing bags with swag.

Ants do enormous
Damage to innocent plants,
Along with aphids.

Weariness is home
To cheerlessness. And slivers
Of seriousness.

Weariness is home
To cheerlessness. And slivers
Of seriousness.

Obligations to
Fulfill run contrary to
Natural free will.

Fabled blades such as
Excalibur could cut broad
Swathes through class warfare.

Errol Flynn more than
Likely had a thin penis.
Hence his swashbuckle.

Don't tell me about
Trapezoids if you can't draw
Me a trampoline.

Being a Boeing
747 I fly
High above the sky.

Articles sell a lot of
Fossil-based newsprint.

Fear writes 03/08/99

Creeping up to me;
in my thoughts, and in my dreams;
Destined to find me.

Yvonne Cabalona writes 03/08/99

release - - -
almond blossoms

so pretty . . .
so yellow . . . so alone!
first daffodil

survivor ---
still "young enough not to care"
a week at 50

haikuPUNteur writes 03/08/99

blessed among trees
is the fig whose leaf was made
to be adam's patch

Gold Star! the cook who watches
porn while preparing his corn
is Chef Voyeur Dee

Pat Grantt writes 03/08/99

Such are lowly streams
Peacefully meandering
To disdainful seas.

Stoic maples sway,
Sap and soul compacted in,
Emptied by the wind.

Ribboned highway spools
Weaves and beckons to the moon -
Leaving me behind.

Esotericum writes 03/07/99

gooseberry bushes
bittersweet nostalgia
she was a child then


The poet comments, " WHILE STUCk IN JAPAN

Toast Point respectfully asks the poet not to submit in all caps again as we resent being screamed at.

T writes 03/07/99

Gold Star! der the new algerian i
n        the cat naps         v
u                                           y

Congrats, T, you forced Toast Point to learn more HTML for the first time in years to pull off this effect!

Erik Hodges writes 03/07/99

followed by a butterfly to the beach-
under every step...

Julie Griffiths writes 03/06/99

Muddy slushy ice.
Dreams melting away into
puddles of snowman.

Hilary Reichert writes 03/06/99

A small fallen seed
roots deep to the dormant soul
of my fertile heart.

The poet comments, "Mr. Richmond is doing a great job teaching my creative writing class. "

Gold Star! Images of him
slumber deep within my veins
a pain that won't leave.

If these walls could talk
they would tell thee of secrets
that keep me silent.

Winter's solitude
is lifted by Spring's spirit
seasons slowly change.

Brian O'Malley writes 03/06/99

Winter now has passed.
Lovers kiss on a corner.
Let's just stay right here.

Bakai writes 03/06/99

Gold Star! You say I don't fight,
that I never take issue.
Yes, of course. You're right.

Was that love's whisper?
Is this love's playful caress?
A sweet breeze tonight.

easy watch tonight
even the dark seems content
not a dread in sight

ungrateful, my fears,
these rabid dogs at my throat...
must have raised them wrong

Have a taste of this,
it's been fermenting a while.
Years of sweat, some blood.

The poet comments, "Five while driving home today. One hundred miles of thought."

Stuart Reed writes 03/06/99

You're better than bad,
Though it must be said you're not
Yet up to much good.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Dusty Springfield'"

How did the Allies
Defeat the Axis? Better
Bomb pattern practice.

The inferno of
Internal combustion keeps
Motors on the go.

Dusty Springfield's dead.
There goes one of those voices
That won't leave my head.

Coffee table books
Are designed to disable
Knuckles and kneecaps.

Fads become trends, which
Will soon become tomorrow's
Yesterday's dead ends.

Before you baffle
Me with science, how about
I show defiance?

We've all got a job
To do, and usually,
We haven't got a clue.

The shepherd doesn't
Flock to committee meetings.
He would rather herd.

Actions are often
Infractions of a deadly
Serious stillness.

Inkstone Foam writes 03/06/99

pull weeds through brambles
thorns move down stem one by one
more brambles, more weeds

ridin' whoop-up creek
indian pistolero
popped shot o' whiskey

The poet comments, "copyright B. Buettner 1999"

RGBerard writes 03/05/99

Such civility
English girls, each an island
English skin - don't stare

The poet comments, "Title: London Underground 2 "

Fallon writes 03/05/99

the fall of warm rain
soft song for the greening oak
a single cricket

The poet comments, "this is tough"

Joyna writes 03/05/99

the ice slowly melts
as grass thrusts itself through ground
hard ground turning soft.

millions of braids
Medusa's voice has whispered
leaving cold darkness

Gold Star! the tall palm trees sway
(where summer always remains)
with soothing pleasure

the daisy wakes up
looks around its precious groove
then seeing winter,weeps

Iye-Matsu-san writes 03/05/99

Ah! My hands have aged!
Since last I watched by the sea--
Oh! Green flies don't mind!

Greetings writes 03/05/99

how are you Joyna?
I am doing very well.
see ya tomorrow!!

The poet comments, "I was just joking!!"

Derek Banks writes 03/05/99

lost cloud
floating with the wind
morning is beginning

Inkstone Foam writes 03/05/99

winters' journey halts
haggard white knuckles of dew
circling overheard

distant drone of bees
another twisted jet ski
here for the season

baby lifted high
"got any secrets to tell?"
next year's sunflower

simple palmettos
up-slice footfalls of forest
green ray planted sun

staying with good friends
grass mat with star ties is mine
wind is also mine

The poet comments, "all copyright B. Buettner 1999"

Laura Dadd writes 03/04/99

In sorrow's firm grasp
I sleep untill a glimmer
Of love grabs my eye

haikusmith writes 03/04/99

'H' Street's poet laureate
reciting for all
penned art from his word canvas

The poet comments, "To my good friend, Douglas Dahl, on his birthday as he joins me at fifty-one. By next year we will have weathered the highs and lows of eight decades.

I'll send you a new ribbon for your typewriter, just keep bringing forth that wonderful poetry. Doug's collected works are available from Vanity Press (I was able to find several offered by Amazon.com)"

Liverpool writes 03/04/99

Little butterfly
Playing behind the flowers
Autumn is over

The poet comments, "Please send me a email if my haiku is chosen"

No, no, no, poets are expected to check the contest pages.

Joyna writes 03/03/99

to look up the word
and tell you the things I feel
is impossible

The sad, white, flower...
knowing about its purpose
..lilies on a grave.

Gold Star! in my curt spanish,
my language is limited
to tell you of love

The poet comments, "En mě corto espańol,
Mě lenguage es limitado
para decirle sobre amor "

it is much wiser
to have friends to trust, rather
than those who you can't.

Matthew Rigdon writes 03/03/99

The wind blows the trees
Leaves rustle and fly away
Empty branches sway

Waves crash on the beach
Sand washes down the wet slopes
Sand pours out to sea

Rosemary Rooks writes 03/03/99

The stars are like dust
on deep blue or black velvet
so cold is the night.

A blue butterfly
flits from flower to flower.
A new beginning?

Gold Star! With dappled shadows,
the summer sunlight breaks through
the leafy branches.

Cold rushing waters --
the winter is melting --
my heart overflows.

The green mossy pool,
once cold, dark and empty,
now teems with tadpoles.

See the flash of light?
Wings rise over the water...
Its a flying fish!

Light beaming upward...
a cloud on the horizon...
The new day is born!

A king and his son
went out walking this morning -
Perhaps it was us.

Gold Star! Round leaves like gold coins -
Sitting under the aspens
I'm rich as a king.

I'm all alone now,
the snow crunching underfoot
echoes your goodbye.

The changing seasons
in an unending circle,
roll ever onward.

The dewdrops sparkling
on the sweet cherry blossoms,
reflect the sunrise.

The golden leaves,
wafted by the autumn breeze
blanket the hilltop.

Kenda writes 03/03/99

Spring is in the air
A baby is on its way
Dreamy days ahead

The poet comments, "Our first baby is due in April, this is for him/her."


Stuart Reed writes 03/03/99

You'd think we'd be used
To being seduced but we
Still behave loosely.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Sinking Skin.'"

Give me a home where
Only nomads roam. I'll build
You Rome in a day.

Energy should be
Good for something other than
Burning wantonly.

Catering to popular
Taste, T.V. lays waste.

If I smell alright,
Chances are I haven't been
Sweating it tonight.

Might be mutual.
If it isn't, one of us
Is unusual.

I sat there sated,
Further gone by far than I
Had contemplated.

A unifying
Factor falsely contracted
A de facto gap.

Firmly persuaded,
The inveterate saviour
Threw cash at the saved.

Where has your getting
And spending got us? Blessed if
I know. Who is us?

Ice Danger writes 03/03/99

Slipping on the ice
I break my leg and I scream
It hurt really bad

The Weather writes 03/03/99

It is very nice
The sun shines in our eyes
The snow melts away

Daffodil Night writes 03/03/99

Daffodils nodding
Get ready for the dark night
Stars shine on them

Snow Fun writes 03/03/99

Snowflakes drifting down
Kids make them into snowmen
Sun comes and they melt

Revelant Sun writes 03/03/99

The trees stand proudly
The branches bend to earth
Revealing the sun

Cricket Luck writes 03/03/99

Crickets chirp loudly
In the dark, starry-lit night
Bringing us good luck

Forests writes 03/03/99

Green pines in the woods
Sunshine glittering on them
Standing tall and proud

___ThisThing___63 writes 03/03/99

Spring in step
Marching on parade
Eyes alight

The poet comments, "First attempt of 3-5-3."

Fwtho writes 03/02/99

soon the tree frogs sing
happily reborn through rain
searching muck for love.

YI YANG writes 03/02/99

Spring comes with rainbows
That spreads out colors of gold
Dreams come tumbling in

Dianne Stripp writes 03/02/99

Rejoice, anxious soul
The winds and heaven shall dine
Alas! Sweet heartache

Kevin Aures writes 03/02/99

I write letters and
seal them with a summer's kiss
and wait for replies

Cheesefart writes 03/01/99

I am a cheese fart
sitting on a big fat cow
I am making cheese

The poet comments, "I love cheese"

Paul Conneally writes 03/01/99

smiling fuzzy logic
now filling spring gap focus
your face close to mine

Stuart Reed writes 03/01/99

Weakness hides behind
Aggression, hoping to give
A false impression.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Aquatic Globe'"

Are the doctors of
Theology closer to
God than you or me?

Prevention may be
Better than cure. It's also
A tremendous bore.

Fragments of portents
Are meaningless without the
Oracular whole.

You don't get to be
Mother Superior
By being dreary.

Having entered the
Gates of hell, the first thing you
Notice is the smell.

He made a leap of
Faith into the cold waters
Of atheism.

Instant solutions
Dissolve the future into
Painless inertia.

Industries dominate East
West relationships.

Feathered caps are worn
By warriors to denote
Bird-like qualities.

If you are trapped in
Turmoil, try pouring oil on
Your troubled waters.

___ThisThing___63 writes 03/01/99

Spring is soon coming!
Oh, God! How long does it take?
Getting through living.

Pat Grantt writes 03/01/99

Lost in nature's grace
So absorbed in reverie
She finds poetry

Gold Star! Double aught, it seems,
Can be symbolized to mean
To infinity.

Iye Matsu-san writes 02/27/99

Half-century woman
Laughing with love and pure joy
Summer's camellia

Half-century woman
Haijin of colors and forms
Giving: giving all

Gold Star! Half-century woman
Gracing each life she touches
Stones warm as she walks

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