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Entries from April, 1999

Stuart Reed writes 04/30/99

Shortages occur
Every seven years if your
View is biblical.

The poet comments, "These are haiku written whilst milking cows and are not called anything."

There comes a point when
Birds meet bees and have to learn
Other harmonies.

Death defying flight
Was first undertaken by
Wilbur. Wilbur Wright.

A fraction of the
Time spent getting and spending
Should be spent saving.

Don't expect to be
Excepted. Self-deception's
Highly contagious.

Crumbling Oreos,
Dunked in tea, were fished for with
Spoons, desperately.

You go forward till
There's no turning back. It is,
It seems, a fast track.

Have you had your fill?
Now you swallow bitter pills
For indigestion.

A recruiting drive
Cannot succeed without an

Restrained disdain strained
Otherwise agreeable
Mutual friendships.

T writes 04/30/99

Columbine -
I'll no longer think only
of my state flower

The poet comments, "Dedicated to the students and faculty of Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado by a neighbor in nearby Coal Creek Canyon "

stretching at the kitchen sink
to reach the open window
--first spring storm

cold city rain
arm in arm with one umbrella
headed for Ben's Pizza

Scott F. Donnelly (Or so I presume...?) writes 04/30/99

I saw you standing
by the lake, but then you fled
and became a dream.

The poet comments, "To Whom May Concern,

When you require Shakepsearesque poetry...let me know. Until then, I shall humbly submit my best effort, even if it is for naught more than your viewing pleasure. "

Mihajlo Mika Pavlovic writes 04/30/99

Cloudy sky.
In lead like water
lightnings twinkle.

The poet comments, "Title: "Luff""

Lightnings twinkle
In lead like water.
Returning of the down.

The poet comments, "Title: "Lull"."

Smashed mirror.
From the stale water
wind sprouts.

The poet comments, "Title: "Old mirror"."

Heavy black cloud.
In the nest of storm
night dying.

The poet comments, "Title: "Old hope"."

Worldcup writes 04/30/99

Inside Theater
American Father
Tournaments Treble

Jaded Eye writes 04/30/99

Nice girl undies, pink
pile next to the bouncing bed.
Tomorrow's laundry

The poet comments, "Women's work is never done. Now we know why!"

Joyna writes 04/29/99

this is what I see
when I look in the mirror
..a lonely, sad, child

the broom sweeps as one
with me and my silent tears
that go unnoticed

the boy which I loved
I once saw with another
and inside...I died.

The poet comments, "(thank you for giving me a star on the last one, It really cheered me up!)"

Alone writes 04/29/99

Left sitting all alone,
my heart beating in my hand,
left broken hearted.

My Love writes 04/29/99

She is beautiful,
with a tender heart of gold,
She completes my life

Kevin Telfer writes 04/29/99

The sun rises up
From behind blossoming trees
Lighting up the day

Spring Morning

The sun is rising
In the eastern horizon
Trees are blossoming

KittyKat writes 04/29/99

Galloping Zebra
Across the hot savannah
The mystic mammal

The cherry blossom
Blooming beautiful pink buds
Then falls to the ground

Joyna writes 04/28/99

I come with the dust
and then when you forget me...
I go with the wind

Gold Star! this mind is so old
full of sad, lost promises
that were never kept

Brenda Gottsabend writes 04/28/99

Sparkling spider web
Shining in the morning dew-
Unexpected death!

Gold Star! Give me poet words
Silver'd, sparkling, diamond words
Facets of my love.

Lis Harvey writes 04/28/99

Squirrel, you can have my peanut -
as long as you keep
the gray skies hid in your fur.

The poet comments, "This is an inverse haiku - I figure, however, that since I am an American approprating the Japanese poetic culture, I may as well allow myself to stray from the classic form.
Much heart,

Gold Star! There is no more sun.
Goldfish have captured it in
their tessurae scales.

Never wait in line -
water won't boil while you watch.
Try to float up front.

The Earth won't be here
when the Sun dies its bright death
ten thousand times now.

The poet comments, "Thank you for providing a wonderful Haiku forum!

Yvonne Cabalona writes 04/28/99

feeding the mailbox
o-n-e -- p-i-e-c-e -- a-t -- a -- t-i-m-e
mom's little helper

The poet comments, "The line of cars in back of me for the afternoon mail drop was beginning to grow and so was my annoyance at this child's handling of his mother's letters, until I saw the big smile on his face as he watched the mail disappear, a piece at a time, into the mailbox. It was a moment to savor. "

S. Temple writes 04/28/99

humphrey ate bamboo
he ate it within a shoe
then he took a nap

The poet comments, "my dogs' names are humphrey and brenda"

Zac Eason writes 04/27/99

Sunny days are great
It is also fun to play
I love springtime sun

Doug Petteys, Jr. writes 04/27/99

That smells like spring air
the flowers bloom on bushes
that's a fact,I say

Derek Gascon writes 04/27/99

The thunder rumbles
like an earthquake from above
scares lots of people

Anthony Acor writes 04/27/99

rainy days are cool
you stay inside all day long
I can play all day

Nick Gallicchio writes 04/27/99

The sun is so bright
The sun can hurt your eyeballs
It gives you sunburn

James Johnson writes 04/27/99

Mountains are tall hills
You can make a cabin here
See how people live

Mitchell Mehlenbacher writes 04/27/99

Snow is really small.
It can fit in small places.
I really like snow.

Angela Sutfin writes 04/27/99

The planets are there
It is so mysterious
Such an awesome thing

Jeremy Campbell writes 04/27/99

Bass swimming through springs
I watch them jump waterfalls
Bass nest everywhere

Courtney Henry writes 04/27/99

In the big grass field
pretty green dancing flowers
you can find them there.

Ryan Van Denburgh writes 04/27/99

Snow is always white.
Some winters, snow is so white.
Playing in the snow

Mike Kirkendale writes 04/27/99

Snow is really fun
I have fun sledding in snow
I have snowball fights.

Breanne Veney writes 04/27/99

Gold Star! Skiing and sledding
are also fun, but I wish
I was in the sun.

Rachel Salitsky writes 04/27/99

Seasons are changing
Leaves are falling off tall trees
Winter is coming

Ryan Eviston writes 04/27/99

The mountains are big
they have lots of life in them
like the moose and the deer.

Jessica Foster writes 04/27/99

Playing in the snow
Going in for hot cocoa
Going out again

Stuart Reed writes 04/27/99

Instructed to be
Instrumental his actions
Were detrimental.

The poet comments, "These are called 'The Gods Collude'."

Do I not amount
To much because I'm such an

On a streak he struck
Out three batters but the fourth
Brought him down to earth.

Dim sum feeds coolies,
Who with full bellies then go
Out and pull rickshaws.

Junks in the harbour,
Dhows on the Nile. Punts on the
Thames, skiffs at Henley.

Clam chowder, spiced with
A knowing hand, will remind
One of ozone's tang.

Meddling with muddled
Minds, the psychiatrist puffed
On a thoughtful pipe.

Rooting out evil
By being evil destroys
The purpose, asshole.

Giggles bring hiccups,
At which point hilarity
Is forced to subside.

Bang, bang, bang, his fist
Insisted on hammering
Doors on loose hinges.

W. J. Woller writes 04/27/99

Moonlight stripes on the
road, trees stand like ghost shadows
against silver sky.

The poet comments, "Written on 7-20-97 Dedicated to the memory of Dorthy Glenn "

Mallik Bulusu writes 04/26/99

uncap a bottle
of ants, they form
a line still.

Joyna writes 04/26/99

she ran for her life
trying so hard to keep on going...
until she gave up

Glen writes 04/26/99

rain, like tears, falling
from grey skies, as sorrow bathes
the glistening stones

Inoshishi writes 04/26/99

Gold Star! hanamizake
ima o tanoshimu
eien ni

The poet translates:
viewing cherry blossoms and drinking sake
enjoy the moment

Nicole S. Porter writes 04/25/99

Birds chirp cheerfully
Flowers bloom in the lazy sun
The girl's smile brightens

Hathrasi writes 04/25/99

Gold Star! My face before birth
Was the wind, the sun, the earth -
all of existence.

The poet comments, "What was yours ? "

The erect penis
is an indiscriminate
sprinkler of the sperm.

The poet comments, "I grant you the limited right to publish the Haikus submitted by me on this web site, but not to distribute it, publish it, or display it in any other manner. All rights to my works continue to vest with me. (on my lawyer's advice)."

JB Farquarson writes 04/24/99

Putrid president
Arch Nemesis of Good
Virulently rules

The poet comments, " This guy makes me so angry I have to write haiku for God's sake!"

Jamie writes 04/24/99

Head hung in despair
Weary cheetah limps away
missing his gazelle

Stuart Reed writes 04/23/99

Forced by fate to face
Facts, the farmer felt he was
Called upon to act.

The poet comments, "These are haiku written whilst milking cows and trying to keep the milking parlour clean and are called 'Fucking Spotless'."

Brittle bristles snap
Under the gentle pressure
Of a razor blade.

Were you distracted
By having been selected
Or were you absorbed?

Phonily easy
Trick questions compromise the
Intellects of dopes.

Reigns of terror were
The rule not so long ago,
Not democracy.

Kangaroos use tails
As rudders. They're like a boat.
They're a boat that hops.

Sanctions will be imposed to
Make you toe the line.

Sleight of hand made the
Slight look grand. Yes indeed, it
Glorified the bland.

Don't push your luck, punk.
This is a Magnum, said Clint.
Blood would soon be spilled.

Bubbles went missing.
I went looking, surprising
Myself with worry.

Tom Blaser writes 04/23/99

Gold Star! Dunkin Donuts
Large coffee dropped

The poet comments, "Ode to Basho"

Yvonne Cabalona writes 04/23/99

Gold Star! contradiction ---
sunny Spring day
flags at half-staff

The poet comments, "I work for a school district and the tragedy at Littleton, CO fills me with horror and disbelief. "

Loisseau writes 04/23/99

Gold Star! Absolute beliefs,
brittle twigs, snapped by the winds
of ongoing change.

Felisa Rivero Crespo writes 04/23/99

The sun, sign on airs
to take place flowers and fruits.
To take the desert.

The poet comments,
"First was an image
in miniature painting oil
and now is haiku."

Over white desert
eternal springs rumored.
Lightnings of moon rains.

Sheri writes 04/22/99

Silent reflection
in the sky and in my soul
the stillness of dusk

Gold Star! Innocent blood drained
from the veins of our young ones
when the madness strikes

Brett Dufour writes 04/22/99

pure, naked, virgin flesh
clamped with surgical teeth
a needle rips through

Untitled writes 04/22/99

the ice pack melts quick
quiet lakes vomit water
even the fish drown

a swift cosmic breeze
skips stars across the night sky
butterflies tremble

exponential growth
God's bacterial artwork
will strengthen millions

cries escape from a sheep
a textile fetus is sheared
of cumulus texture

Early Enigma writes 04/22/99

It's early morning
The shadow people arise
Spizer sparks again

The poet comments, "A spizer is a crack pipe."

Southern Belle writes 04/22/99

eighty-eight black and white keys
marriage by music

Kevin Telfer writes 04/22/99

The clouds part to show
A beautiful morning sky
Birds are chirping away

The poet comments, "My poem, Spring Morning, is about a typical spring morning. please let me win."

KYLE DAYE writes 04/22/99

Walking down the stairs
I see my sister standing
There doing nothing.

Ash writes 04/22/99

east timor, tibet
rwanda, wrong colours - bet:
bill won't send a jet

M. L. DESCENTE writes 04/22/99

A happy morning
Newspapers arrive here too soon
Gloom and doom appear

Joyna writes 04/21/99

Idle with despair
I wait for my heart to heal...
which takes a long time

My parents yelling,
frustration in the tense air,
words not to be heard

Tom Waltz writes 04/21/99

Gold Star! Love's twister spinning
lifting up, then smashing down
my trailer park heart

Anonymous writes 04/21/99

A box of pickles
were on my head in the night
They were very sour.

Bonnie writes 04/21/99

I Love My Michael
kiss kiss kiss my lover boy
your baby bonnie

Elena writes 04/21/99

Justin you're so fine
Justin I wish you were mine
We love NSYNC too.

The poet comments, " We wrote this poem especially for Justin Timberlake of the group NSYNC!!!!"

I Love You writes 04/21/99

I see an ant home
I must destroy the ant home
Bye-Bye little ants

Who's Your Daddy? writes 04/21/99

Buck loves basketball
Buck also likes ice hockey
Buck is a big scrub

Coo Coo man writes 04/21/99

all the haiku are really cool
they are really fun
a deal is a deal so when do i get paid (for saying this)

NAUSICAA writes 04/21/99

To silence you I
would put you in a box
no air, leave you there

Joe writes 04/21/99

all my life I laught
But for no reason I cryed BUT
For a reason

Mr. Cool 24:7 writes 04/21/99

I love basketball
I also like ice hockey
Because I am cool

Mark writes 04/21/99

it's a bright yellow star
it peers through windows all the time
as it shines it blinds.

Gem Blow writes 04/21/99

Josh fit the battle
of Jericho and the walls
came tumbling down

Sillygirl writes 04/21/99

what a day today
the sun is shining brightly
love the world this day

Stuart Reed writes 04/20/99

I'm raggedy-assed.
My buttocks see the daylight
And feel the wind's blast.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Tightly Wound Up'."

Nestling in valleys
Swiss villages get buried
By avalanches.

Being perfectly
Proportioned, beautiful girls
Exercise caution.

Acknowledged masters
No longer feel obliged to
Take up any slack.

Made various violins
That cost a fortune.

Within these four walls
And under this roof, there ought
To be living proof.

Down that road lie goals
Unattainable by the
Lowly hoi polloi.

Marionettes dance
To the puppeteer's pulls and
Twitch to his itches.

Humpbacked camels on
Switchback railroads get car sick.
Unlike Joe Camel.

Naughty, naughty. No,
No Nanette. Softly, softly
Catchee the monkey.

Inspector writes 04/20/99

Venus setting Mars
rising children in trenchcoats
school's out forever

The poet comments, "the tin soldiers of fear have won this day..."

Melissa Mitchell writes 04/20/99

Ah, long-winded Reed
constantly stuffing my head
as well as the page

Through the depths of time
somehow thoughts progress too fast
things change, suddenly

Gold Star! two hearts, beating fast
bodies melting into one
most heavenly bliss

PAUL writes 04/20/99

Fellow American
You Can Do Anything Here
It's A Free Country

Southern Belle writes 04/20/99

small red azalea:
an explosion of color
in the midst of green

Mike Billington writes 04/20/99

alone in his thoughts
the heron stands at sunset
remembering all

The poet comments, "... saw this great blue heron standing in a pond while driving down I-95 at sunset one spring afternoon "

Justin Robert VanGrimberghe writes 04/20/99

The dog lay stone cold,
on the side of the free way,
now the dog is dead.

The poet comments, "PLEASE PUBLISH ALL MY POEMS ON YOUR SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The frog is in water,
on a big green lillypad,
catching flies quickly.

The poet comments, "Would you please put the poem i just submitted in clear and plain ENGLISH!"

Ryan Eastman writes 04/20/99

the rattlesnake ate
the young, dying, big, sick,rat
in the rainforest

The poet comments, "please let me win"

RYAN EASTMAN writes 04/20/99


The poet comments, "I NEED TO WIN OR I WILL BECOME A GIRL."

Toast Point thinks you need to use the CAPS LOCK key a little more wisely or you will stay an idiot.

Robert Nolan writes 04/20/99

(Falling leaves.) Happy?
Too much pressure over me.
You write this Haiku!!

It's snowing outside.
Kinda cold inside my house.
Cardboard isn't warm.

Emerald writes 04/19/99

Gold Star! a yeasty goodness
covers the palate with the
fullness of harvest

PatriciaGrace writes 04/19/99

rushing by:
withered daffodils
hang their heads

The poet comments, "Yes, I know, I can't count! Actually, I can. I try to keep a certain symmetry...this one is 3-5-3. "

Yvonne Cabalona writes 04/19/99

Gold Star! floating remnant
spider's thread snags roses
impromptu bouquet

Lifegiver writes 04/19/99

The night, young once more
The storm comes, with all its worth
Hear its sweet song play

The poet comments, "The night is my friend,brother,sister,and lover "

It shines with its might
Sea glitters with life, swim free
Hear the sirens sing

The poet comments, "Don't kill the sea with pollution"

SW Wright writes 04/19/99

As the smoke rises
Clouds of acid start to form
they take everything

The last olive fruit
Falls from the crooked branch of
The last olive tree

___ThisThing___63 writes 04/19/99

seams between stone slabs
city sidewalks, busy paths
roadways carved for ants

Laura writes 04/18/99

gleaming with jewelled dew
the silken pink cherry blooms
glow softly with light

The poet comments, "I wrote this while gazing at a cherry tree in blossem, on the island of Shikoku."

Carol Anne Blade writes 04/18/99

Snow gracefully falls
Veiling the woodlands beauty
Blanketing it white

Joyna writes 04/18/99

I gaze in wonder...
the fireworks shoot up like springs
the day of freedom.

The poet comments, " It is true that you can't write down everything you want to say in just 17 syllables."

blankets of roses
spread out far beyond my sight
don't prick your finger!

Stuart Reed writes 04/16/99

Just a stab in the
Dark surrounding Noah's Ark
Found Mt. Ararat.

The poet comments, "The first two are called 'Windy Elements'."

Stripping back bark bares
Pulpy underwood to the
Windy elements.

The poet comments, "And the rest are called 'And Their Moos'."

You can get out of
Vietnam but you're still not
Allowed to smoke grass.

Nauseated Moors
Vomited aboard bobbing
Spanish men of war.

Solidity of
Character in gremlins and
Hobgoblins is rare.

Remedies that can
Exacerbate maladies
Compound the problem.

Tortoiseshell frames were
Once all the rage but then John
Lennon came along.

Neat pleats build ridges
On skirts out of fabric that
Look like paper-knives.

"Chugging along quite
Nicely, thank you," puffing at
His pipe with gusto.

Would your contention
Be that every invention
Boosts someone's ego?

Massage parlours aren't
Massage parlours. They're brothels -
Massage penises.

Normally Normans
Conquered with ease. Conquering,
For them, was a breeze.

Moe the Jerk writes 04/16/99

Gold Star! Haiku is stupid
There's not enough syllables
To say anything

The poet comments, "Moe is my evil twin."

Removing an ear...
Big deal. An ear is easy.
What were his options?

The poet comments, "Van Gogh was a sissy."

___ThisThing___63 writes 04/16/99

cool spring breezes weave,
dance with warm jet stream under
currents - such a lift

peasants hoeing weeds
classical garb flows in wind,
wondering at jets

pink blossom petal,
gentle breezes fight for her
escort to the ground

Bungalow Doc writes 04/16/99

Gold Star! green garden graces
pond splashing colors of koi
trees shed soft shadows

Inspector writes 04/15/99

her hands -- like water
her eyes -- a smokey ocean
night -- we split the sky

Mallik Bulusu writes 04/15/99


writes 04/15/99

Do you play the sax
I'm the strongest sax player
And I'm proud of that

The poet comments, "I like stone cold steve austin a winner scince I was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Why does it not surprise this band director that a sax player is into pro wrestling and can't spell?

Deep writes 04/15/99

Gold Star! I wake to the sun --
a thousand dust souls take flight
from an unmade bed

Anonymous writes 04/15/99

Blue sky up so high.
Gentle breeze, the evenings ease.
Children end their play.

K writes 04/14/99

darkness has come fast
the perfect evening is over
time to say goodbye

Hillwalker writes 04/14/99

Daisy - two-bit slut
Donald abuses ducklings
Mickey's Bi and sweet

Stuart Reed writes 04/14/99

Will his image fold?
Will his image hold? Will his
Image make so bold?

The poet comments, "These are haiku written whilst milking cows and are called 'Ants Such As I'"

The Plantaganets
Plunged Europe into hundreds
Of years of, well, war.

Taking tides that turn,
Ocean-going yacht captains
Learn the moon's phases.

Crispness in lettuce,
A sought after quality,
Is cultivated.

Have you, like de Gaulle,
Got the unmitigated gall,
The cast-iron balls?

Perfect timing, like
Perfect pitch has harmonic

Clandestine candles
Have inspired many a sad
Teenage bedroom fire.

The title-holder
Girds his loins, not prepared to
Topple from his perch.

Strangulated cries
Vainly attempt to hide their
Utterer's surprise.

Acting on impulse,
Without recourse to forethought,
Caught them unawares.

Moe the Jerk writes 04/14/99

drunk monkeys? scorched laps?
rules broken, banalities--
no star for Issa!

Hillwalker writes 04/14/99

Oh nestling finches,
You raise hell in my office
Shut uppa you beaks!

Zorro's gay brother:
a fight for liberation!
What will his sword carve?

Gold Star! Passing by Throg's Neck
invisible fear clutches!
What the hell's a Throg?

Yvonne Cabalona writes 04/14/99

warm weather at last!!
blooming roses
unwind their fragrance

haikuPUNteur writes 04/14/99

Gold Star! clumsy waiter trips
and dumps puree on my lap
there's soup in my fly!

lusty ol' Norman
can't get himself a woman
good ol' Master Bates

Tom Waltz writes 04/14/99

And if I care now
It is because I don't know
the storm yet to come

Melissa Mitchell writes 04/13/99

cold, wet lemonade
Is this the last summer day?
never in my heart

Love, a cyclone, twists
lifting up then smashing down
my trailer park soul

Joyna writes 04/13/99

The singer is silent
trembling at everyone's cough
it must be stage fright

"touch the rose", she hissed
I did not for fear of death
one maiden she lost

RGBerard writes 04/13/99

Springtime in Paris
Women of a certain age
Madame.... oo-la-la

MidnightsCharm writes 04/13/99

Dumb Haikus what can
I write? I have only few
syllables to use.

Day writes 04/13/99

The sunrise starts day.
The day brings new adventures.
The sunset ends day.

The poet comments, "Writing a haiku was an assignment for my Literature class so I wrote one. Then we had to look up some famous sonnets, and I saw haiku contest so I decided to enter it."

Inspector writes 04/17/99

a sliver of moon
reminds me, a month ago
you were in my arms.

Gold Star! the sea is angry
perhaps because she knows my
sorrow is deeper.

gambling with seconds,
the currency of despair
is worthless as sand.

casually she
turns and smiles, but it's my heart
burning at the stake

familiar lover...
does he reveal your beauty
and open your soul?

by my bed I keep
your picture to remind me
of the truth of dreams

stranger in my breast,
pounding at my soul's front door --
in my hand, a key

Gold Star! remember roses,
candles, wine and poetry...
this night... remember me...

Du-Vontae Hollins writes 04/17/99

As he starred out there
He felt a cold chill hit him
It was death in life

Why am I like this
People really can't tell me
Because it's my life

Larry writes 04/17/99

Cheeseburger special
pickles and onions, the works.
Oops, I feel a burp.

Deb writes 04/17/99

fill me now she said
take pleasure, don't receive it
undulating love

The poet comments, "I have begun a daily haiku page."

The poet provided a link, but it was a relative link and does us no good. Deb, please send us the complete web address.

Stuart Reed writes 04/17/99

Foundlings were tended
To by foundations run by
Staunch conservatives.

All alliances
Must be based on mutual
Interests. Or fail.

It's past my bedtime.
It must be getting-up time.
The alarm bells sound.

A constant search for
Sanity has led many
To insanity.

Most girls are only
Interested in one thing.
I forget which one.

I'm a lazy bum.
What does not need to be done
Will never get done.

Off to milk the cows.
Off to browse among the Friesian-
Holsteins and their moos.

Silence full of noise.
This, folks, is your brain. Jesus
Christ, we're off again.

The poet comments, "These are haiku written whilst milking cows and are called 'With Finesse'."

Play it con brio
If given the solo part
In a wind trio.

Disorders were just what young
Freud's doctors ordered.

I have thoroughly
Lost track of time. Funny. Like
Committing a crime.

Life in general
Is a whole lot easier
Where grass is greener.

___ThisThing___63 writes 04/13/99

feathering of clouds
pass colorful reflections
being tomorrow

Pat Grantt writes 04/13/99

Oh, this starlit night
When all that mourns, here passing,
Is the northbound train.

Gold Star! All the best of man
Is trellised to forgiving
All entwined with love.

Bill Power writes 04/13/99

Gold Star! The moon keeping watch
The sound of laughter inside
Midnight's warm blanket

And now the morning
Busy feet in mud again
Another day of work

The rain descending
The thirsty earth swallowing
The sun forgotten

Jaime Gambaccini writes 04/13/99

It seemed genuine
Though, he didn't use his heart
Only used his eyes.

___ThisThing___63 writes 04/12/99

making words fit , just so
carving, paring, slicing true
thin as rose petals

Yvonne Cabalona writes 04/12/99

cleaning flower beds,
the indention where
she used to nap

The poet comments, "Shiloh was a beautiful feral cat we were trying to befriend. She spent a lot of time sunning in our back yard. We were hoping to earn her trust just enough to take her to the vet to be neutered but we ran out of time; she was hit and killed by a car. "

Iye Matsu-san writes 04/12/99

sun on falling snow
blinding, glittering crystals
crow dons sunglasses

sun on falling snow
infinite floating mirrors
re-created world!

sun on falling snow
eternal shadow banished
pure enlightenment

Eva Amata writes 04/12/99

just pretend that you
are using, say, PhotoShop
with track-ball, not mouse

Sergei Braun writes 04/11/99

Gold Star! invisible feet
ran winding path of old stones...
white dust unsettled

Angry clouds spew rain.
Under worn snows, earth rumbles
stretching rusty joints.

vanity of love:
old stones are hardly softened
by warm rains of spring

Francis Poulenc writes 04/11/99

Our first kiss was soft.
Soon you threw me to the floor.
Then you watched me snore.

Psydneyh writes 04/11/99

Behold the gentle'd city
The green-lined tree-soft city
Spread thick with summer's haze

The poet comments, "I realize this isn't really haiku. I've been trying to complete this poem for many years (Lines from Carnell Hall ((Temple Univ)). I enjoy the poems of Stuart Reed."

___ThisThing___63 writes 04/11/99

Virgin wife - uncut
Diamond, cut for polish
With brilliance, add love.

Mike Billington writes 04/11/99

Earth lusts for the Spring.
Her bosom heaves with delight.
Love is forsaken.

The poet comments, "... and winter is in divorce court "

Gold Star! Yellow butterflies
drift over barbed fences
respecting no man

The poet comments, "boundaries are irrelevant "

Tom Waltz writes 04/11/99

It's easy to hide--
Much harder to shine brightly,
but worth the effort!

Tom Waltz writes 04/11/99

Forest gusts blowing
without a sound, trees falling
Timber! to deaf ears

C. Pease writes 04/10/99

The line is too long
My swollen bladder suggests:
How's about that sink?

Deep, ancient crevice
Watch closely! The man from Sears
Bends over again

Inspector writes 04/10/99

winter ocean roars,
whitecapped waves crashing on beach.
a kiss, a whisper.

Gold Star! I give her flowers,
She calculates their value.
The manchild trembles.

G. Russell Howe writes 04/10/99

Looking to end pain
Bridge gave silent therapy
Jack in fall did splat

The poet comments, "bored in a motel haiku"

JMK writes 04/10/99

Raindrops are falling
Birds are singing in the sky
The earth is awake

Arkady Elterman writes 04/10/99

summer noon
after the dentist
frozen lips

Stuart Reed writes 04/09/99

I'm always open
To suggestions although I
May make objections.

The poet comments, "These are haiku written whilst milking cows and are called 'Everest Beckons'"

What came first? The worst.
What came second? The better.
What came third? The best.

The piggy in the
Middle, humiliated,
Couldn't hide a blush.

You cannot afford
The prices I charge so get
Off my back. Alight.

Everest was a
Challenge for Sherpa Tensing,
A local porter.

Indicative of
Allergic reaction the
Cat caused Pat to sneeze.

Children of their times
Are the adults who chime in
On education.

Tightrope walkers in
An earlier era had
Immensely long poles.

I leave the broader
Subjects to the people who
Have broader waistlines.

It could be argued.
We agree that it could be
Argued. We're agreed.

Aubria Williams writes 04/09/99

Poinsettia plants
red and green of christmas time
What happens to them?

George writes 04/08/99

In springtime nature
Goes on the gold standard while
Forysthia blooms

Christmas tree: the soft
and dark turned bright and glowing.
Is this what you want?

Michael T writes 04/08/99

Ivy climbs the tree.
So did I when I was green.
Now I'm more like moss.

Three Graces in bronze
Focal point of garden
Rocks complement streams

Flowering dogwood
In front of the library...
..I can't find the words

The Easter lilies
In Rockefeller Center
Ascend from cement

Frost-covered meadow
Two beautiful dogs at play

Christel writes 04/08/99

drip drop drip drop drip
listen to the raindrops drip
drip drop drip drop drip

Joyna writes 04/08/99

The song which I sing
is no longer for you...but
for all the lost dreams

longing to get out
but trapped in hopeless despair
of being to shy

The poet comments,
"la canción que canto
está ya no por usted...pero
por todo los sueños perdidos "

COOKIE writes 04/08/99

moon will give you rest
night serves to blanket you
sun your morning guest

Sage-on-the-Wind writes 04/08/99

The wall of stone--
of moonlight

Eva Amata writes 04/08/99

watch the syllables
(any child can count to seven)
haiku’s a doddle...

mention the season—
a reference to weather
often suffices

drop articles, use
pidgin syntax, add in a
cliché from nature:

‘black crow in big space
high above cold windy streets
shouts then moves along’

Eva, I only got four of your five. Go figure.

___ThisThing___63 writes 04/08/99

Apple candy dish
Only one piece left alone
Other mates eaten

Chocolate frosted
Left on table waiting you
Red ant invasion.

The poet comments, "Hon, where's that bottle of vodka?"

Sean writes 04/07/99

looks in the mirror
feels her beauty is fading
in my eyes, never

Tenderstorm writes 04/07/99

raindrops on my roof
telegraphing messages
of winter's thawing

Inkstone Foam writes 04/07/99

gone into the wind
the poems left unprinted
revealing the breeze

Arkady Elterman writes 04/07/99

Gold Star! this paper cup
was not meant to be held
between my knees

___ThisThing___63 writes 04/07/99

jointed loves
one, wooden trellis'
one, roses

The poet comments, "Perfect marriage! She grows roses-he gives them a leg to stand on."

Jennifer Manders writes 04/07/99

Is a fish happy
in a bowl or in a ocean?
Why do we think a bowl?

Is a sheriff bad
when he kills the criminal
and saves the child?

Yvonne Cabalona writes 04/07/99

potted maple ---
draping its new leaves
shawl of raindrops

reaching down,
storm clouds drags a gray veil
over grazing cows

miso soup bowl
lifted to her mouth ---
lipstick marks the spot

Stuart Reed writes 04/06/99

By hidden forces, hubby

The poet comments, "These are called 'Some New Free Style Shit'"

You need the tension
Between greed and patience to
Properly function.

What does it matter?
Your belly's getting fatter.
Your hair's thinning out.

Committed to a
Course of action, some of us
Make a retraction.

Who said dead heroes
Are worse off than live cowards?
I somehow doubt it.

Along with every
Shimmering globule on a
Chandelier, I shake.

It is the little
Differences that will make
All the difference.

Pendulous pear drops,
Tear drops in amber in an
Eternal slumber.

Order, order, court
Adjourned. Take the evil witch
Out and have her burned.

Some new free style shit.
You can't coop a chicken and
Not attract a fox.

Larry Willard writes 04/06/99

Snow lies on bare branches.
Running water over stones.
Ice melts, dripping, wet.

Icicles hanging.
Dripping from gutters and eaves.
Slow, stately, drip, drip.

Gold Star! Breath puffs in sunlight
Fingers tingle under gloves.
Sun-melted snow puddles.

Rosy nose and cheeks.
Harsh, wet, gloves scour cold numbed face.
Red faces shine bright.

Children's voices ring.
Laughing voices in chill air.
Adults smile softly.

Fresh green bud on limbs.
First green stems poke through thin snow.
No blossoms. Too soon.

Gold Star! Winter dies again.
Spring comes stirring, not yet born.
Death to life once more.

Mallik Bulusu writes 04/06/99

the wise

where do you knock
isn't important, but
which door it is?

Unknown shares a classic 04/06/99

Windows 95 crashed.
I am the Blue Screen of Death.
No one hears your screams.

The poet comments, "Don't know the poet. Know the feeling."

Joyna writes 04/06/99

sad contradiction
that we die ever since birth
death is also birth

T writes 04/06/99

Easter -
in the eatery window
Asian woman lunching alone

William writes 04/06/99

I am a fat man
I do not smell so goody
Slim Fast do not Work

The poet comments, "I need help"

Pat Grantt writes 04/06/99

Gold Star! Waste no time recounting
Springtime's sweet forgiving...
Watch her simply be.

Snippets of gold thread
Where dandelion thistle
Sowed its ragged edge.

Arkady Elterman writes 04/06/99

Gold Star! this tree
has grown so fast, I had
no time to brake

The Convivial Codfish writes 04/06/99

Gold Star! bickering stopped
she cuddles against him
in her sleep

Julius Moriarty writes 04/05/99

Two years was true love
Forever lost for one night
Those sad, beautiful eyes...

Susie K. Nelson writes 04/05/99

A baby was born
But died before he could smile
Life is very short.

Gold Star! I once had a friend
But like a twig on water
He drifted away.

The seed is planted
A beautiful flower blooms
Only to soon wilt.

Mallik Bulusu writes 04/05/99

a self

Sean writes 04/05/99

Gold Star! Lupus S.L.E.
tries to take life from my love
come, fight me instead

a long road ahead
belief I had in my youth
always a dead end

a rose bush in bloom
red flowers with soft petals
protected by thorns

gray clouds drift away
sun's rays light dismal dark skies
house goes floating by

spring showers wet ground
dogs playing in the back yard
paw prints on the rug

Gold Star! standing in classroom
no clothes on and it's test time
hope this is a dream

Peigi writes 04/04/99

seeming motionless
hanging particulates wait
harbor rat cuts path

Gold Star! fermented apples
monkey dangles dangerously
erratically drunk

The poet comments, " great site"

Stuart Reed writes 04/04/99

A daily regime
Sounds almost despicable.

The poet comments, "These are called 'Sounds'"

Whereas a hospice
Sounds institutionally

M. L. DECENTE writes 04/04/99

Daily newspapers
Lying between street and sidewalk
Gutter news

Patricia Rajicic writes 04/04/99

Sighs of the pebbles
disturb the concentration
of the wishing well.

Jessica Zaragoza writes 04/03/99

Gold Star! Wind is blowing fierce...
Bicycle witch laughs in flight...
Bye, Auntie Em... Bye!

Sean writes 04/03/99

summer's coming soon
one hundred and five degrees
cool day in Phoenix

The poet comments, "It's a dry heat"

Ed Shustack writes 04/03/99

Knowledge gives power
Power creates arrogance
Leading to abuse

Inkstone Foam writes 04/03/99

hunting new blossoms
within the packets of seeds
an unknown nose scent

Joe Asberry writes 04/03/99

Gold Star! Even the shy cat
is under covers with me
this cold winter night.

Inkstone Foam writes 04/02/99

revisions in rehearsals
art and charlatans

parisian madame
devouring the nightlife
a silty capon

Stuart Reed writes 04/02/99

The horse whinnies. Were
I feeling silly, I'd call
That an equine whine.

The poet comments, "These are haiku written whilst milking cows and are called 'Emptying Another's Udders.'"

Water gone under
The bridge has sundered and soured
Our relationship.

Hanging out shingles,
Lawyers hope to hear the cash
Register tinkle.

Take yourself in hand.
Pull yourself together and
Pick up the pieces.

A tony suburb
In Atlanta houses Ted
Turner of TV.

Trips to the bathroom
Are made on Shanks's pony
With pressing bladders.

Stylised styli swish.
Are swish and do swish. They swish
Like Nike's logo.

Pen poised to pin words
To absorbent papyrus,
Drips a drop of ink.

It's all downhill from
The equator. On both sides
You slide down the globe.

Tenfold increases
In the size of one's wad make
Impressive bulges.

Hay writes 04/02/99

a wino's lost dream
pupils a vast black expanse
reveal nights of pain

sweet ocean mist rolls
melliflously along
his mind's great divide

The poet comments, "And what does THAT mean?!"

Dark Cry writes 04/02/99

Darkness falls,light shines
And fury cries its shrill cry
Light was,now again

The poet comments, "Long since i have seen the light"

Lifegiver writes 04/02/99

Angel wings so white
Burning eyes that light the sky
You who rocks thy world

The poet comments, "I'm in love"

Eva Amata writes 04/02/99

A baleful electric typewriter
waits like a Dalek
in a featureless coridor.

The poet comments, "Aircon knows no season."

Mallik Bulusu writes 04/02/99

When caught in
traffic jam, few think
you started late

Southern Belle writes 04/02/99

pink azaleas
dogwoods and wisteria
springtime in the south

The poet comments, "This was composed last April while I drove through a residential neighborhood in Knoxville, TN. "

Brandon writes 04/01/99

With beauty as yours
You strike fire into my soul
My passion is yours

You are my beauty
My one and only true love
The Queen of my heart

Haikusmith writes 04/01/99

April foolish message
emailed from me to you all
lost by toast's pointers

The poet comments, "Well, it was! "

the mirror answers
narcissism after all
goes with changing eyes

fooled again by life
I join all of my fellows
a born April's fool

Mariah writes 04/01/99

spring is beautiful
flowers blooming everywhere
with mist in the air

with mist in the air
flowers flying everywhere
into the girl's hair

Mallik Bulusu writes 04/01/99

is totally

The poet comments, "(on file systems) "

Pop Tart Feast writes 04/01/99

bear fur is sexy
florida will stain your bed sheets
tree fort ice cream bars

The poet comments, "e-mail me at Def Face@alo.com, but only if you like my Haiku"

___ThisThing___63 writes 04/01/99

There is peaceful rest
when nothingness flows into
the sweetness of love.

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