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The Samurai Cat writes 05/31/99

Look to the Future
Do not turn your eye away
The Tarot reveals

Justine Ramirez writes 05/31/99

Summer is heaven
No school, no homework, nothing
Forever? - I wish!

The poet comments, "I wrote this poem on a winter day, when I was tired of doing homework and seeing all the snow outside. Now that it's hot out, I think I'll write a haiku about winter! See ya!"

Mihajlo Mika Pavlovic writes 05/31/99

Dark trace of fire.
Rustle of smoke wings follow
the first rain drops.

The poet comments, "Title: "Spirit of the Rain""

Wind roar, lightning flower.
In small oal constellation:
the old smell of down.

The poet comments, "Title: "Small Oal Constellation""

The smell of wax. Thirst.
Long shadows on wall:
grow into the night.

The poet comments, "Title: "Guesswork 1""

Cynthia McCracken writes 05/30/99

Twenty one salute
Guns blazing, people praising
All celebrating

Gold Star! Bright red orbs hanging,
Dew glistening in the sun,
Mouth salivating.

Brown, pink, red, and green,
Tall grasses blowing in the wind.
Listen, hear them talk.

Nadine writes 05/30/99

The sun begins to rise.
Over the vast horizon.
Creatures come to life.

The poet comments, "I like the idea of a page for all haikus!!!"

Jinlong writes 05/30/99

Gardener's worst fear
May has brought them out in swarms
Aphids on rosebuds

Wander slowly by
Pondering the waving grass
Tortoise in the sun

Stalking silently
Mighty, mighty predator
Mantis one-inch long

Suni writes 05/28/99

the spring branches lift
like seaweed swirling below
the fast rising tide

Hathrasi writes 05/28/99

A fluff of a cloud
Wanders aimlessly about
In the vast blue sky

The poet comments, "Come summer, you'll see the bummer."

I struggle alone
With noisy, crowded worlds,
And with loneliness.

The poet comments, "I think it is true. Don't you ? "

Ernest Perry writes 05/27/99

Gold Star! The first autumn breeze
Like flowing water over
Sun-scorched river rocks

Jonathan Falk writes 05/27/99

all fools write haiku
better stay cowardly safe
laughing far outside

The poet comments, "The poet comments, "The poet comments," The poet comments, "The poet comments," And the last pedal falls--the poet comments not"

Tom Waltz writes 05/27/99

At work I Haiku
Instead of doing the job--
What's more important?

Tiny R.D.R. writes 05/27/99

cold morning lover
snowy tracks thinking looking
for her winter train

The poet comments, "I guess it's romantic if you leave your lover by train "

Bakai writes 05/26/99

Gold Star! Saikaku's haiku.
A compulsion to expire
in selfish excess.

The poet comments, "Dedicated to Un-a-basho: Bad art, like bad food and bad weather, adds nothing to the quality of experience. Art should be judged by its merit, not its quantity. If art is to stand on its own then it must have some substance. We are only free to try and make that happen. "

Lewis Sanders writes 05/26/99

A swarming of gnats -
magnolia blossoms in bloom
now at this sunset

George writes 05/26/99

Gold Star! One's line of credit
Is never better than when
One borrows trouble.

Bustanut writes 05/26/99

A day at the beach
the sound of loud crashing waves
the heat on your back

Fun all around me
caring people sharing land
it is expensive

A day at the beach
you can hear the waves crashing
can you taste the salt

Dean Coughlin writes 05/26/99

In the far future
there is no time for pure peace
There is only war!

The poet comments, "I am back these things just keep on coming!!!!! "

H and S and M writes 05/26/99

The weather was fine
The sun was shining brightly
and I played all day

Mark Jenkins writes 05/26/99

The owl stands ready
It sees its prey and locks on
Swoops down and catches it

Matthew Smith writes 05/26/99

He stalks his prey
he waits for his prey waiting
while they are mating.

Lewis Campion writes 05/26/99

Gold Star! A lost little boy
In a very big country on Earth
Someone find me fast

Micheal Caine writes 05/26/99

my cat can kill birds
I love learning at school a lot
I want to go home

The poet comments, "i think that this is a very good website to learn all about poetry. "

Glenus Michaleus Lambus writes 05/26/99

Gold Star! Alone as before
The night bites into my heart
Does anyone care?

The poet comments, "A nice little number that I made-up in my sleep. Well i'm just that kind of guy! - CRAZY! "

Ricky Pilgrim writes 05/26/99

The fox is waiting
waiting to jump on its prey
dead, the fox turns back.

The poet comments, "I don't know what I think the school made me .All my friends like the Haiku "

Lewis Campion writes 05/26/99

Is the best by far Badd ass
Why triple H, Why

Dennis Galloway writes 05/26/99

I long to fly like
a great sea bird, with no holds,
with no hard restraints

The poet comments, " I don't really like this but I have to do it for the school and it ruins my interlectual brainyness, although my freind loves it and could you send things to him too at: DMcarthy@Hassenbrook.essex.sch.co.uk"

David Puleston writes 05/26/99

d generation
with x-pac and road dogg and
and the big red machine

The poet comments, "by the biggest wwf fan in the world "

Dean Coughlin writes 05/26/99

Guns and weapons can
destroy, but faith alone
can overturn the world

The poet comments, "
I'm back!!!!
with another haiku!!

Victoria and Brooke writes 05/26/99

January is cold,
Snow is falling on the ground,
Shivers run through me

Dean Coughlin writes 05/26/99

Gold Star! I am the Reaper
That stalks the dark of the night
and you are my prey

The poet comments, "This web page gave me the insight into Haikus Good web page!!!! "

Yvonne Cabalona writes 05/25/99

serenity blooms
amidst the koi in the pond;
water irises

Mihajlo Mika Pavlovic writes 05/25/99

The crescent moon.
Light boat in the night endlessness
discovers rainbow.

The poet comments, "Title:"Musical Notebook 1""

Dry trace of tear.
On unexpected crossway
sunset sprouts.

The poet comments, "Title:"Musical Notebook 2""

The True River writes 05/24/99

a river's a hole
all the water is borrowed
this treasure's passed on

The poet comments, "http://members.sol.com/tonysboy/firstpage.html (my poery site)"

Steven E. Orr writes 05/24/99

Silence is golden
Noise is beautiful
What is a whisper

Sun in a spiral
Earth on a stellar discourse

Death in a pattern
Endless circle of virtue
Frantic for escape

Yvonne Cabalona writes 05/24/99

surprise visit at
the golf tournament banquet
-- ring-necked pheasant

Gold Star! following the curl
of the vine's tendril
spider's silky thread

Sergei Braun writes 05/23/99

off goes the twilight
on - flower'd silks of morning
day hides dark secrets

Gold Star! a drop of dew dries
a glorious spring dissolves
in brutal summer

the hope eternal:
blades of grass peak gaily through
crevices in rock

Dad writes 05/23/99

Here lies an atheist
All dressed up just for the show
And no place to go.

Joyna writes 05/21/99

I looked in his face
searching for a sign of love
..but there was nothing

the trees sway once more
though they sometimes wish not to
wanting to be free!

Iye Matsu-san writes 05/21/99

Fur-draped agile men
Dancing with consummate grace
Innuit campfire

Chloe writes 05/21/99

Gold Star! white winter moon
through an upstairs window framed
frosted fingerprints

Gold Star! waving hello,
salty fingers bring presents
of seaweed and shells

The poet comments, "inspired by a beach walk as high tide turned to come in..."

flower magician
turning dust from bees'knees
into honey gold

The poet comments, "summer in my garden..."

Rich writes 05/20/99

seventh avenue
waiting for the train to come
i'm in no hurry

Anonymous writes 05/20/99

I love the Royals
go royals go yeah baby
22 and 18

Mr. Anderson writes 05/20/99

kiss my lips of gold
touch my upstretched arms with yours
plant me in your ground

Glen writes 05/20/99

Above me just air,
I don't believe in God now.
Hope He forgives me!

Un-a-basho writes 05/20/99

Saikaku's haiku
more than twenty three thousand
in a single-day

The poet comments, "Dedicated to Stuart Reed; creative endeavor is not to be quashed, belittled, or deselected by the insecurities, tastes, or inadequate judgement of small minds. Art, bad or good, without censure must stand on its own. This alone brings artistic freedom. Inkstone Foam"

Yvonne Cabalona writes 05/20/99

against my window
scrapes a camellia bush
pushed by the wind

woman's desires
deeply buried ---
red anthuriums

Robert Leechford writes 05/18/99

Through the moonlight
the breeze comes in and leaves -
scent of ocean waves.

Chloe writes 05/18/99

haiku explosion
popcorn poetry for the mind--
more butter, please

mockingbird's stacatto song
southern serenade
--ode to Harper Lee

Katherine Chou writes 05/17/99

Gold Star! remove one by one
dawn's chiffon wispy veils and
push the mist aside

The poet comments, "i did one because my friend did one!"

Smiling serenely
innocent and unaware
doctor's needle stings

The poet comments, "i'm just in the state of absolute ennui "

Janice Lynn Roach writes 05/17/99

Gold Star! I thought I loved you,
But today I passed your house
And forgot to look.

Haikusmith writes 05/17/99

on the cabana
mood swings with music's beat
rest while reflecting

Johnny Otis Show
Radio Sabastipole
lazy saturday

coffee's morning lift
a gentle nudge to move me
road north awaits us

clouds obscuring it
nestled in the tree tops
rustic coastal fort

watching rising tide
sea licking at Fort Ross Cove
I forget all else

a brief nod awake
leaving soft moment's slumber
warm oatmeal awaits

Bungalows Back writes 05/17/99

I am preoccupied
damned to look without seeing
all disconnected

Yvonne Cabalona writes 05/17/99

wind-blown rose petals
stirred . . .

Majean writes 05/15/99

Like tattered old shoes
Laughed at, stomped on, tossed about
My insulted dreams

The poet comments, "I wrote this while feeling a bit miffed when my poetry was first praised then mocked. Young people these days... *sigh* No, wait, that guy was older than me! >.<"

Anonymous writes 05/15/99

four shots; pain;
losing inner fluid; streets are watching
not a budge; heaven

Joyna writes 05/15/99

the rain drizzles down
on to me and the meadow
in a gentle way

my neck and ears burnt
I stop selling roses now.
to tend my pricked wounds

Gold Star! so many people
scared, I watched them from the stage...
and forget my lines.

Mona writes 05/15/99

I was so tickled
by the cute baby's fat cheeks
wanting to kiss them.

Tiny writes 05/15/99

love like a Cherry tree
Whose roots grow through my sidewalk
Blossoming every Spring

The poet comments, "Sometimes I stubb my toe on that sidewalk.I'll always love her though..."

Plum passion writes 05/14/99

Kissing purple lips
Mixture of caramel skin
Lovers bloom in June

The poet comments, "e-mail me anytime "

Season writes 05/14/99

Fancies of red clouds
gently touch the horizon
awakening the night

The poet comments, " I hope someone is touched in some way by my vision."

Iye Matsu-san writes 05/14/99

See! Sparkling new words!
Piercing through prisms fresh formed.
Angel sent.

The poet comments, "Words from My Beloved are utterly newly created and colorful and soul expanding, unrelated to their common cousins."

Akasha writes 05/14/99

in a mailbox key
cupped in her hand

The poet comments, "A chapter in my life was drawing to a close. "

Fly writes 05/12/99

never ever fly
die is the worst way to die
never ever fly

Yvonne Cabalona writes 05/12/99

Mother's Day ---
guiding her home
transparent moon

Jimmy Nguyen writes 05/12/99

morning at sunrise
within raindrops of falling
where I like to dream

Moe the Jerk writes 05/11/99

waving irises
viagra for the lonely
buds bursting alone

Heather R. Gordon writes 05/11/99

Gold Star! Sweet yellow daisies
blowing in light gentle wind
puts my life at peace

The poet comments, "I wrote this poem in a sad time in my life and it helped me notice the simple things"

Iye Matsu-San writes 05/11/99

flowered lilies float:
beneath sun glittered surface--
abode of monsters.

Gloria Mairs writes 05/11/99

Here in Seattle
May November December
Exactly the same

The poet comments, "I thank you for the opportunity to share this view of my rain-soaked home."

Make-Out Party writes 05/11/99

look at my new car
date rape is a casualty
small town fear

Why is a grape a see-saw? writes 05/11/99

Seagulls are lamp shades
Kids roll around in sewage
Do you like my fence

The poet comments, "e-mail me if you like with your comments."

Ugly Swan Child Dog Face writes 05/11/99

eat from my fake coat
buy a corduroy condom
sell your dad

Con-Test writes 05/11/99

poems are just words
hurricanes are just sighs
you am I

The poet comments, "by: Matthew Schleck"

Mom, This Is My Cooking Show writes 05/11/99

Buckets of Donkeys
Garages make good coffee
Trophies are girlfriends

The poet comments, "if you like this, then you can e-mail me, i would like to hear you comments on my lovely haikus, thanx."

Grape Cheese is My Dad writes 05/11/99

My cheese turned purple
My dog can eat my swing set
Calenders are fun

The poet comments, "if you find my Haiku humorous, e-mail me at Def Face@aol.com, if you don't like it then Helicopter Brain Cells will get you in your sleep."

Princeton writes 05/11/99

tender I send her
favorite lines of old times
merry air

American Kiss writes 05/11/99

come away tonight
in Oxford it's daytime now
it's our chance

Andrea Stewart writes 05/10/99

Gold Star! The caterpillar
Sits silently and watches
All the butterflies

Christel writes 05/10/99

reaching for the sky
growing higher everyday
every flower grows

Joyna writes 05/10/99

the travelling lamp
going round and round the earth
never taking rest

the white picket fence
separating rich and poor
barrier to all

Gold Star! face sunburned, lips cracked
I still face another day
of selling flowers

The poet comments, "(that was my weekend!!)"

Jessica Moore writes 05/10/99

Butterflies flutter
In the grassy summer day
Like a graceful bee.

Katelyn Allman writes 05/10/99

Blooming in the ground
All different colors in spring
They look all so nice.

Kurt William Ela d' Chicago writes 05/09/99

A judge-penitent
A scoundrel of leniency
Hail-fellow, well met

The poet comments,
"To challenge the Mind
One must restrict all Free Verse
And then set it Free"

JD Ward writes 05/08/99

sweet flower of love
your fragrance fills my longing
petal by petal

I receive your love
like the river takes the leaf
deeper into god

Mahesh Menghani writes 05/08/99

I laugh
till I cry
to hide reality

feet stops to notice
a poor child on the road
and walk away

Tiny writes 05/08/99

Gold Star! little green wetsuits pulled
so tight their eyes are bulging
looking for some bugs

The poet comments, "frogs are people too"

R.D.R. writes 05/08/99

Autumn rains lift me
Wind played leaves surround my feet
moving them along

The poet comments, "your next favorite haiku stylist"

Jade writes 05/07/99

The toasty fire sparks
The children warm up their feet
Of course, it's winter

The poet comments, "Thankyou for allowing me to enter."

Pat Grantt writes 05/07/99

Gold drenched willow whip
Drapes the sterling silver haze...
Waiting for Monet.

In this windwashed sky
Only eagles dare to fly...
Trip, then fly again.

Overrun by grey
Embattled blue gives way as
Clouded sabers clash.

The poet comments, "This and the following are a thunderstorm haiku."

Staggered, steel on steel
The once peaceful valleys reel
From the cannon's cough.

Nicole S. Porter writes 05/06/99

eyes exchanging vows
bride and groom's lips meet tender
in the bright spring morn

Yvonne Cabalona writes 05/06/99

popcorn roses
withering in its vase
drops dried kernels

Vellum writes 05/06/99

First, five syllables
Second, a line of seven
Complete a Haiku

The poet comments, "If you would make a Tanka, Two more lines of seven each"

H.J. Mosteller writes 05/06/99

Gold Star! rain softly falling
rose petals sweetly moistened
by angels' tears

The poet comments, "Since "April Showers" bring "May Flowers""

Cokemow writes 05/06/99

my mom is the best
she cares for me and loves me
and i love her too

The poet comments, "i love you"

Jalee writes 05/06/99

i really want it
give it too me all night long
give it to me right

The poet comments, "it rulez"

Tiffany Crabtree writes 05/06/99

Monkeys climb tall trees
Some monkeys are brown and black
Live in the forest.

Nick Bortz writes 05/06/99

When I fall for Fall
As I fall very slowly
As I hit the ground

Michael Goldinger writes 05/06/99

The rockies are in
Denver, Colorado they
have snow on top too.

Ken Bowman writes 05/06/99

You can't really see
Practically nobody likes it
It got to be fog.

Bobby Bowman writes 05/06/99

All they do is float
All kinds of colors like red
But mostly they pop.

Rae Stitt writes 05/06/99

She's spinning online
Enter on the web site
Chatting with her friends

Loisseau writes 05/06/99

It is spring. Pain for
the lone swan on the river,
looking for her drake.

The poet comments, "I see her from my office window."

___ThisThing___63 writes 05/05/99

temperatures rise
causing rapid skin breakout
those painted tight shorts

sultry, soft, clinging
silken robe unfolding luscious
forms for my kisses

Ben Carson writes 05/05/99

Your stupid scarecrow
Keeps falling down all the time
Build a better one.

The poet comments, "Great idea for youngsters to share with other parts of the country and other parts of the world. "

Darkness is scary
Some people hate the darkness
I think dark is cool.

Patricia Rajicic writes 05/05/99

My lover and I
spill merry-go-round laughter
all over our life.

Tony Spivey writes 05/02/99

tempest moon
patting lashes of stardust

Rhiannon M Renfrow writes 05/01/99

Once a small clear brook
Spoke to the forest and said
"Will you dance with me"

Music fills the air
Song and dance flood the hillside
'Tis full moon tonight

Pat Grantt writes 05/01/99

Gold Star! Gossamer veined wings
Tipsy from sweet nectaring
Hiccup in their flight.

Joyna writes 05/01/99

she ran on the beach
feeling the spray of the wind
and the bright old sun.

Jaded Eye writes 05/04/99

Gold Star! Shy panties wish
to be black thongs, torn by teeth.
Little nothings of lust.

Vid Vukasovic writes 05/04/99

Two dandelions
one white another golden
-touch each other gently.

John the Spectator writes 05/04/99

They did not know
they were collateral
-dead child and his dog.

The poet comments, "Written while watching results of the NATO air strikes against Serbia. NATO spokesman called all civilian victims, including children, "collateral"!"

Yvonne Cabalona writes 05/03/99

red glow of Mars
heating a cold Spring night

Hmmmm...Let Me Think writes 05/03/99

My wallet likes pets
Yellow is not a fun toy
Kitchens are good friends

The poet comments, "If you like this Haiku, feel free to e-mail me with your comments. my address is Def Face@aol.com"

Jane Woodbridge writes 05/02/99

Gold Star! On my damp eyelash
Flakes cling precariously
Should I blink them off?

Rusty Hillwalker writes 05/02/99

Ego on the line
Overmatched with dimpled balls
The golf tournament

Moe the Jerk writes 05/02/99

NPR mumblers!
local, clueless, annoying:
back to the music!

The poet comments, "Are local NPR announcers as stupid everywhere?"

Quantity haijin
Kicked in the head by a cow
These are called, 'cow flop!"

Iye Matsu-san writes 05/02/99

calling me home
father's whistle at dusk
mountain chickadee

The poet comments, "My father used to call me home with a whistle, "Twee-oo. Tweee-ooo-ooo" As an adult I spend much time alone in the High Sierra, and wherver I go the mountain chickdee calls me with the exact same song, calling me home, though it is not yet quite dusk..."

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